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What I Wore This Week: Stay at Home

Again, I’m a day late with this post as I spent all day Friday and yesterday editing wedding photos from a wedding we photographed two weeks ago. I’m finally finished with that. And two weeks is an impressive turn around for wedding photos. Since I’ve had a few days off work, this edition includes some stay at home outfits.


So here’s the short and sweet of what I wore this week. Lots of items are old and I’ve links similar options in the shopping widgets. A few things are the exact items in the widgets. These are affiliate links and I make a small commission from your purchases through these links. Thanks for your support.

Saturday– The hubby purchased a new vehicle. This is what I wore for my day of vehicle shopping and later out to eat that evening. I purchased the camo pants during the Nsale. They are Wit and Wisdom and super comfy. I’m looking forward to wearing and styling them some more.

camo pants with denim jacket outfitPin

Sunday– church

I really like this cardigan. Some of the Amazon cardigans are just poor quality but this one is pretty good. It does pill and fuzz a bit but I was able to defuzz it with no issues.

riding boots and cardigan outfitPin

Monday- off work/ at home and errands

It was pretty warm so a tee shirt was all I needed. This is one of those stay at home outfits you can run out in.

jeans and camo tee stay at home outfitsPin

Tuesday – off work

At home. We had to run out and pick up some things so I threw on the utility jacket to make leggings and a tee more of an outfit. This was truly a stay at home outfit.

stay at home outfitsPin

Wednesday- work

It dropped into the 30’s this day so I pulled out the sweaters, heavier winter pants and boots for work.

winter office outfitPin

Thursday was spent working outside the office and Friday was spent in pajamas and sweats finishing edits on wedding photos.