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What’s My Style? How to Express An Eclectic Fashion Style

Today we are exploring another unique style personality. Earlier in this series, we explored sporty chic, androgynous, boho, classic and bold style. Today we are taking a look at eclectic fashion style.

How to Define Eclectic Fashion Style

Eclectic style can refer to fashion or home decor. Eclectic style encompasses a variety of periods and styles and is brought together through the use of color, texture, shape and accessories. Pieces are pulled from different decades and styles to create an outfit when referring to eclectic fashion style.

If unconventional, creative and whimsical, or artistic, spirited and unique are your style descriptors, and fashion rules don’t apply at all, you probably have an eclectic fashion style.

kimono dress and wide leg pants eclectic fashion stylePin

No one type of style quite sends the message you want to convey about your personality, so you are drawn to a mix of styles to create the look you want.

It requires a lot of confidence and thick skin to wear an eclectic outfit. This person’s appearance won’t generally be accepted in conservative environments and not everyone appreciates an eclectic style.

 Others will appreciate the creativity and the ability to take things that don’t appear to work together on the hanger and make them into a functional and fun outfit.

 Mary-Kate Olsen wears an eclectic style and can often be seen in a trench coat or long coat with flip flops or slide sandals. She mixes vintage and bohemian styles into one outfit.

Elements of Eclectic Style

Unlike the other types of style, there are no defining elements.

Eclectic style

  • mixes modern and vintage
  • focuses on mixing patterns, textures and prints
  • is carefully curated
  • makes fashion mistakes intentionally

Ways to achieve eclectic style

Wear unique or bold color combinations.

Instead of toning down colors with neutrals or going for the same color combinations you always reach for, try pairing colors that are adjacent on the color wheel such as yellow and green, blue and green, blue and violet, violet, violet and red or red and orange.

woman in coral, yellow and green outfit showing eclectic stylePin
Paris, France – March 5, 2019: Street style outfit – Leila Depina before a fashion show during Paris Fashion Week – PFWFW19

You can also combine the main colors with different shades of the same color. Red and pink, yellow and orange, violet and purple can create a unique outfit.

eclectic style mixing textures and colorsPin
Milan, Italy – September 24, 2021: Street style outfit, woman wearing a fashionable outfit on the streets of Milan, Italy.

Pairing complementary colors (those across from each other on the color wheel) is another good start for creating colorful eclectic outfits. Red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange and their shades can work well together.

Pair Different Clothing Styles

Running shorts with oversized blazer and sequin shoes? It works for Sindlev.

The hat makes the outfit and keeps her from looking like she’s playing dress up in daddy’s blazer.

Remember, this style is carefully curated so that these eclectic outfits are deliberate and curated, never an afterthought.

eclectic outfit of blazer and athletic shortsPin
Milan, Italy – February 21, 2020: Emili Sindlev before a fashion show during Milan Fashion Week – streetstylefw20

Mix in vintage pieces

This look could easily be achieved with a mix of modern and vintage pieces.

vintage and modern pieces for an eclectic lookPin

Other ideas:

Mix a masculine piece with a very feminine piece. Try topping a very feminine romantic dress with a masculine blazer and combat boots. Extra points if that blazer is tweed or some material with texture.

Wear a sequin dress with a ballcap.

Where do you shop for an eclectic style?

Since you are mixing a variety of styles and pieces, you can shop anywhere to get the pieces that create your final look.

Here are some retailers that offer some quirky and different pieces to mix with traditional pieces for an eclectic look.

Modcloth Modcloth features vintage inspired pieces and fun playful prints. They are committed to diversity and inclusion.

Asos  Offering their brands in more than 30 sizes at the same price, Asos is committed to giving you total freedom to be you, without judgment.

Nasty Gal “Nasty Gal started in a tiny San Francisco apartment stacked with killer vintage, a single laptop and an eBay account. Thirteen years later, we’ve outgrown that apartment, moved to LA, and today we’re bigger and better than ever. We now carry new clothing, shoes and accessories under our own label–all for gals who know how to own it, and have the confidence to just be themselves.”

You can find a variety of styles from sequins and chainmail to western or crochet.

While not everyone appreciates this unique style personality, eclectic style gives one total freedom in clothing choices to express themselves.

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