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Survey Says… Spending, Shopping and More

Happy Friday! I love Fridays and knowing I’ve wrapped up another week. I also enjoy those weekends where there are no obligations and events on my calendar and this upcoming weekend is one of those.

Thanks to those of you who participated in my survey! Your feedback is extremely valuable to me. I wanted to share the results and some of the comments regarding what you are struggling with as far as fashion goes. I think it helps to know that others share some of the same struggles.

Monthly clothing budget

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Less than $100-47%

$100-$250 43%

$250-$400 10%

A budget is very personal, but the majority of my readers fall into the same range.

Check out 5 Ways to Save Money on Clothing so you can stretch that budge further.

What are you willing to spend the most money on?

Most said shoes, with jeans being second.

In case you missed it- Check out The Best Shoes for Spring and How to Find Jeans That Fit

My mama always taught me to buy good shoes and not cheap ones, because taking care of your feet is important.

What do you spend the least amount of money on?

Accessories, followed by bathing suits

What stores do you want to see clothing styled from?

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This audience is overwhelmingly fans of Old Navy, Target, and Wal-mart. The next top picks were Loft and Talbots.

Don’t worry if your pick isn’t in the top. I am going to try to share a variety of retailers.

What You Struggle With

As far as comments on what you want to see coming up and/or what you are struggling with, I thought I’d pick a few things that could be addressed quickly and that might not become full blog posts (or that are already posts).

“My current fashion struggle is rotating and tracking my clothes/outfits to make the most of my wardrobe and avoid wearing the same clothes and outfits over and over.” 

We can all get in a rut. A couple of years ago I made a dedicated focus to wear things I was not wearing and to figure out why. If I discovered a reason why I had not been wearing something, it was donated if there was not some other remedy. I pulled all of the things I knew I had not been wearing front and center of the closet and made myself wear them. I shared my outfits in a series for a whole month.

Taking a photo or selfie also helps track what you are wearing and when you wore it. You can look back and see what you wore last week so you won’t repeat it if you don’t want to.  You can also turn the hangers around in a different direction once you have worn something, or move it to a different spot so you can see what you are not wearing.

“Special events like baby showers and weddings”- Similar posts were in the works when the survey went out. See Simple and Stylish Graduation Outfits for Mom (can be worn to baby and wedding showers) and What to Wear to A Bridal Shower.

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Dress- Amazon; shoes- Amazon

“Buying dress pants. The skinny styles don’t work for my age and frame.”

“I have very thick calves so I struggle with pants. The straight leg jeans look like skinny jeans on me.

I hear you! I wear some of the skinny styles but I struggle with them. They only fit in a curvy fit and they still cling to my large calves. My go to for dress pants that aren’t skinny cut and fit are JCPenney Worthington trousers and Ann Taylor trousers or straight leg.

I also struggle with some of the straight leg jeans being too tight in the calves but have had success with  Levis straight and bootcut, and Gap midrise loose.

Wide leg linen pants are a life saver for summer.

“I’m in SC, so I struggle with looking put-together while not melting during the summers.”

“Cooler items to wear. I live in Texas.”

Me too! It’s so hot and sticky here in coastal Georgia. Check out this post on how to stay stylish and cool in hot weather.

5 ways to stay stylish and cool during hot weatherPin

How to deal with short, graying, and shedding eyelashes? A couple of years ago I noticed my lashes were getting shorted and thinner. I’m usually skeptical of pricey cosmetic items and find most to be a waste of money, but I gave Neulash serum a try and it works!

If that absolutely isn’t in your budget, try castor oil or olive oil as a serum.

before and after lash growthPin

Thanks again for your feedback. I hope that it was helpful and fun to see some of the results. While we are all unique and different, we do share some of the same interests, tastes and issues.

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