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Cute Thanksgiving Outfits You Can Enjoy The Day In

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This weekend the kiddos (and some of the adults) will be indulging in all the candy they can eat, but as soon at the masks are off and the Halloween make-up wiped away, attention will turn to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season.  And first on our minds will be what to wear for Thanksgiving.

The seemingly endless gatherings create a little busyness and anxiety, but one thing we shouldn’t worry about is what to wear.

Go ahead and plan your outfits now.  While these outfits are geared for Thanksgiving and comfort, along with style, there will be many more holiday gatherings to come, so save these for later as well. Switch up the colors and the formulas will work to create all the holiday outfits and eating meeting attire you need. You can eat all you want and enjoy the day in these cute Thanksgiving outfits.

Some things to consider first when planning Cute Thanksgiving Outfits

What’s the weather?

While doing some research for this post, a search popped up asking “What to wear for Thanksgiving in Florida?” The first thing that came to my mind was “Shorts!”

Haha! I can sympathize with the Floridians because we have had many Thanksgivings in South Georgia that were warm enough to wear shorts.

However, most of us still like to dress seasonally appropriate so you can opt for dresses or skirts in warmer climates. If it’s going to be colder, the weather will dictate the weight of your sweaters, the materials you choose, and if you need additional layers.

Are you the host or guest?

This too makes a difference in what to wear for Thanksgiving. You need something comfy and flexible for moving and cooking, but you still want to look stylish. Maybe you can plan time for a quick change before the meal. If so, think about ways to dress up either your top or bottoms for a quick change instead of a whole outfit change. Changing shoes can change the entire vibe of an outfit. See the Magic Power of Shoes and Outfit Toppers.

Formal or casual?

Are you attending a formal sit-down meal or a backyard turkey fry? While you may choose a dress for the first, joggers and sneakers would be appropriate for the latter.

Who else is attending?

Regardless of the formality or lack thereof, this may be the first time you’ve seen family members or friends in a year. Make a good impression. There is still a need to look put together. If it’s a meal with a boyfriend and his parents, or folks you don’t yet know intimately, step it up a notch.  If it’s your favorite group of friends with plans for football or shopping afterwards, go as casual as you want (but don’t be slob.)

What colors should you wear for Thanksgiving?

Any fall colors will work, as well as neutrals.

The fall colors of the year 2021 are all perfect for emphasizing the harvest aspect of the Thanksgiving holiday. I tend to reach for the deep browns, warm reds like burgundy, and burnt oranges/rust colors. If you just aren’t in the mood for those, go with a mix of greys, creams, white or black.

Jeans or Jeggings Outfits

Leave your tight, non-stretch jeans in your closet. If you are set on wearing jeans, opt for a pair with lots of stretch, like jeggings, or a looser cut, like boyfriend jeans so you won’t be uncomfortable after a big meal.

Boyfriend Jeans+ striped tee + blazer + leopard mules

This outfit pairs a blazer with a striped tee and boyfriend jeans for a casual cool vibe. The blazer levels it up and says you thought about your outfit, but the boyfriend jeans leave room for dessert.

cute Thanksgiving Day outfit with boyfriend jeansPin

Jeans- Old Navy; similar; tee- Old Navy- similar; blazer- similar; option; shoes- Nordstromsimilar

Jeggings+ rust cardigan+ lace top+ leopard mules

These jeans, or jeggings, are the best of both worlds. They look like skinny jeans but are called jeggings and have plenty of stretch like leggings. They are soft as butter. A black pair dresses up nicely with a blouse and cardigan.

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits- jeggings with cardiganPin

Jeggings- Nordstrom; blouse- old- similar; cardigan- Target; similar; option; shoes- Nordstrom- similar

Cute Thanksgiving Outfits with Pull On Pants

Pull on pants with an elastic waistband are the way to go to dress up a bit beyond jeans and still be comfortable. Today’s pull-on pants are way more stylish than those your grandmother wore.

Pull On Plaid Pants + t-shirt + blazer + mules

This pair of pull-on pants works with just about anything you want to pair with them. (See 5 outfits here.)

They are like wearing pajamas and the softest pants I’ve ever worn.

For a smart casual look, pair them with a blazer and a tee or blouse.

soft pull on pants outfit with black blazerPin

Pants- Target; tshirt- Target; blazer- Gap (old); option; mules- similar

Faux leather pull on pants + embroidered top+ mules

To level up on your pull-on pants, try a faux leather pair. Add a pretty blouse and pointed to flats or mule loafers and you are dressed up but set for socializing in comfort.

If this blouse isn’t your color, it comes in four other color options.

embroidered top and faux leather pants cute Thanksgiving outfitPin

Top- Amazon; pants- Target-; option mules- similar

Faux leather pants + tee + blazer + sneakers

If you find sneakers more comfortable, you can get away with them by pairing them with these faux leather pants and a blazer. This is another casual cool look that balances comfort and style. You will look put together and master the festivities with ease.


Pants- Target; option; tee- Target; blazer- JCrew Factory; sneakers- JCrew Factory option

Joggers+ body suit + cardigan + flats

Technically joggers are also pull-on pants. They typically have an elastic waist, but also usually have a band or elastic at the bottoms of the legs. Save your knit joggers for lounging on the couch when the crowd thins to just close family or friends and reach for a more substantial pair of joggers for Thanksgiving Day, like these tencel joggers.

Pair them with a body suit and add a cardigan to hide the extra full tummy. You might think a body suit would not be a good choice, but it doesn’t constrict or add any extra material at the waist, so it would be a good choice. Wear one with a skirt for a dressier look.  If you are self-conscious, the third layering piece will hide the pooch.

joggers and cardigan outfitPin

Joggers- Banana Republic– similar; option; body suit- Amazon; cardigan- Kohls- similar; option; flats- Steve Madden

Thanksgiving Outfits with Skirts and Dresses

Skirts that stretch in the waist are also a good choice for Thanksgiving outfits. They are perfect for a more formal meal. Pair them with your chunky or cozy sweaters and ankle boots or tall boots to ward off any chill in the air.

Leopard slip skirt + cream sweater + booties + headband

The slight puff detail on this sweater takes in up a notch in the dressy category vs your plain crew neck sweater. Adding an accessory like a headband reflects a festive mood without adding a lot of bulk to your outfit. No one wants to fuss with extra bulk or accessories on a day when your main goal is to eat to your heart and stomach’s content, so a headband is the perfect little accessory that stays out of the way.

slip skirt cute Thanksgiving outfitPin

Skirt- Amazon; sweater- Amazon; booties- Nordstrom; headband- Amazon

Midi skirt + cropped button up sweater+ cami + booties

Another dressy way to be cozy but polished. Dress up for dinner by pairing a cropped button up cardigan with a dark floral skirt in harvest colors like brown or rust.

midi skirt and cropped cardiganPin

Skirt- Amazon; sweater- Target; cami- Nordstrom; boots- Amazon

Sweater dress

A sweater dress that skims but doesn’t hug the body is a great choice for simple but cute Thanksgiving outfits. A looser tunic style dress of any kind is the absolute best for being able to let loose at the buffet and hide the fact that you did so.

sweater dress outfitPin

Dress- Amazon; boots- similar

Sweatshirt dress + puffer vest + sneakers

A more casual option in a dress that still allows you to eat all you want, but also allows for some freedom and play is a sweatshirt dress with sneakers. Add a puffer vest for interest or for a little more warmth if you need it.

sweatshirt dressPin

Dress- Amazon; option vest- Old Navy- similar; sneakers- JCrew Factorysimilar

Putting together cute Thanksgiving outfits that are polished but still comfy for eating, traveling and whatever else your day entails doesn’t have to be complicated. Rely on these outfit formulas and you are all set.

Cute comfy Thanksgiving outfitsPin