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The Magic Power of Shoes and Outfit Toppers

Sometimes basic clothing pieces can seem, well- basic. Like boring and plain basic. Before you discredit them, consider this. Basics are the foundations of your outfits and your closet. You need them. They go the extra mileage.

But how? When they are boring, they are boring.

So how do they get that extra milage? with the help of shoes and outfit toppers.

You might call outfit toppers completer pieces. We are talking about vests, cardigans, jackets, ponchos, etc. A top and a bottom can be an outfit, but it’s that “topper” or “completer” that takes it up a notch.

Shoes are pretty explanatory. The things you put on your feet. And they matter. They can make or break an outfit. Or at least change the vibes. Let’s look at an example.

Side by side comparison of one outfit with different shoes and completer pieces.Pin

The outfits above have the same basic pieces– a black sweater and grey jeans. They even have the same accessories- the same earrings and scarf. The toppers and shoes are different.

The first outfit has a more casual and sporty vibe with a moto jacket and sneakers. By the way, I’m still in love with these sneakers. They are super comfy for errands and walking. I would not consider them to have enough support for working out, but they are great for being on your feet for daily activities or walking and sight seeing.

Fashion blogger in moto jacket, grey jeans and sneakers. Pin
A sporty casual outfit with moto jacket and sneakers.Pin
Sporty chic look for the winter with grey jeans, sneakers and a moto jacket.Pin
Soft and cozy black and white window a pane scarfPin

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Moto jacket- Nordstrom/ BlankNYC similar option save

sweater- JCPenney; jeans- NYDJ- option option option

scarf- Cents of Style option option

sneakers- New Balance same

earrings- Kendra Scott

Take the same sweater and jeans outfit to a more polished look with a vest and boots. Really, the shoes are doing the magic here because paired with the sneakers the vest could also have sporty vibes.

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Winter outfit with black sweater and grey jeans and vest outfit topper.Pin
Over 40 fashion blogger in winter outfit with tall boots, vest and scarf.Pin
Over 40 fashion blogger in winter outfit featuring grey jeans, black sweater, black vest and tan boots.Pin

Vest – JCPenney; option option boots- Naturalizer

Just as accessories can change an outfit, so can shoes and outfit toppers. If you found this helpful and insightful, please share this post!

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Extra tip: I could have called this the magic power of lipstick! I had on a pale pink lipstick that does nothing for me in the first photo, and then changed nothing about my make up but the lipstick for the second. Put on the right lipstick!

The magic power of shoes and outfit toppers. Moto jacket vs black vestPin