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What to Wear with Grey Jeans- 25+ Grey Jeans Outfits

Do you normally gravitate towards blue, black or white for your denim or jeans choices? Those are great staples but grey jeans are a great alternative.

If you are wondering what goes well with grey jeans, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Grey jeans have been one of my go to pieces for fall and winter for a couple of years now so I’ve rounded up as many of my grey jeans outfits as I could find.

I originally published this post in October 2020. Grey jeans outfits are still popular for fall and winter and with ultimate grey being one of the 2021 colors of the year, this post is worth revisiting.

Grey serves as great neutral and it’s softer and easier to work with than black. Grey doesn’t have to be boring either. It goes with an endless number of colors.

Check out these color palettes at 40plustyle. You don’t have to resort to just black and white or more grey. However, black and white always work and accessories go a long way in making basic color palettes creative.

More than 25 grey jeans outfits to wear for spring, fall and winter. Pin

The majority of this post features grey skinny jeans outfits. Skinny jeans are still in style, regardless of what you read and hear. However, a whole new variety of leg styles are popular now so you have lots of choices.

These outfits and tips for what to wear with grey jeans will work regardless of the leg style you choose. I have recently added a pair of kick crops jeans to my closet in grey and I’m searching for a straight leg pair. That’s how much I love grey jeans and just how versatitle they are- I want them in multiple leg styles.

My grey skinny jeans are by NYDJ. I love the fit and they are perfect for curvy figures because they have a generous back rise. I do typically size down in these jeans if indicated in the listing.

More grey jeans to shop:

What color shirts go with grey jeans?

The obvious is black and white. Keep reading and you will see that grey is a neutral that you can pair with any color.

Some of my go to colors for creating grey jeans outfits are burgundy, pink, mustard yellow, teal and green. Rust works well too. Pull in these colors with a top or with a third piece like cardigan or jacket.

Black and white grey jeans outfits

Black cardigan + printed top + open toe mules Okay, so I am starting with black, but I’ve pulled in color with the printed top. I think there is a little grey in the top too.

An easy way to start pairing any color bottom with a top is to look for a printed top with a little bit of that color in the top.

grey jeans with black cardigan and printed topPin

Black cardigan + Striped tee + pointed toe loafers – This one is a black, white and grey color scheme but not boring thanks to the stripes and textures in the cardigan and shoes.

grey jeans with black cardigan and striped teePin

With a black statement top- This outfit is black and grey but the top is a statement piece with the ruffled sleeves and I’ve paired the jeans with taupe booties and added a pop of color with the necklace.

outfit with grey jeans and black topPin

Black cardigan + white tee + colorful necklace + black booties

black and white grey jeans outfitPin

Black moto + white tee+ snakeskin sneakers

A black moto and sneakers give an outfit an edgier vibe.

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black moto jacket outfit with grey jeans and snakeskin sneakersPin

Striped sweatshirt or graphic sweatshirt + vest+ booties-

Still a grey, white and black scheme but interest is brought in with the stripes and the quilted vest.

quilted puffer vest, stripy sweater and grey jeans outfitPin

Moto jacket + striped tee + black peep toe booties

moto jacket outfitPin

Black sweater + tall black boots +hat + scarf-

More black and grey. See how accessories like a hat and scarf play a part in creating interest.

black riding boots outfitPin

Black long sleeve tee + vest + scarf + tall boots

Notice the difference in the black boots from above and the taupe boots here. Both work, but create different looks and aesthetics.

grey jeans with taupe bootsPin

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Pair grey jeans with any of your graphic tees.

Black cardigan + chambray shirt + graphic tee

Black cardigan, chambray shirt, graphic tshirt and jeansPin

Add a black and white gingham or houndstooth blazer to your graphic tee and grey jeans outfit.

kick crop jeans with graphic teePin
grey jeans outfit with graphic tee and denim jacketPin

A blue denim jacket goes well with grey jeans.

Add interest with stripes, florals, graphic tees and colored or patterned shoes.

grey jeans with denim jacketPin
grey jeans with navy floral topPin
grey kick crop jeans with denim jacketPin

Now let’s add some color to grey jeans outfits with cardigans, blouses and sweaters.

Mustard yellow and grey jeans outfits

Cardigan + striped top+ leopard flats

Mustard cardigan with grey jeans for a women's fall outfitPin
mustard top with grey jeansPin
Mustard cardigan, floral blouse and grey jeansPin

Burgundy (and pink) are great options.

grey jeans and a burgundy utility vest create a great fall outfitPin
grey jeans with pink cardigan and taupe bootsPin
grey jeans fall outfitPin
Cardigan, burgundy top and grey jeansPin
grey jeans with burgundy topPin
spring outfit with pink utility jacketPin
pink sweater with grey jeansPin

Blues and greens go well with grey.

plaid blanket scarf outfitPin
green and grey winter outfitPin

These jeans pair well with just about any sweater in your closet.

cute winter outfit with fail isle sweaterPin
Cute winter outfitPin
gey jeans with cream sweater and plaid shirtPin
grey jeans with cream sweater over button up plaid shirtPin
grey jeans with striped winter sweaterPin

What shoes do you wear with grey jeans?

You can’t go wrong with most shoe choices. You can see that I’ve paired my grey jeans with a variety of shoes- loafers, sneakers, tall boots and ankle boots. Snakeskin loafers, ankle boots and sneakers go well with grey jeans, especially in you snakeskin has grey in the pattern. However, touches of leopard work equally well.

Black shoes can create a lot of contrast so I like to have a black accessory, top or third layer when I wear black shoes with grey jeans.

Taupe shoes and boots go perfectly and create a soft palette with grey jeans.

Wear a colored shoe like a mustard or burgundy loafer or flat.

Jeans and sneakers are a classic.

Use these outfits for inspiration and go rock your grey jeans! What’s your favorite way to wear them?