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Friday Favorites: The Kitchen Organization Edition

Happy Friday! We’re wrapping up another month this weekend. Are you looking forward to March? to spring?

The longer I stay at home and pay attention to the space around me, the more I realize that I need organization and clean spaces. Clutter causes me stress and systems that don’t work frustrate me. Sometimes our needs and spaces change and our systems need to change.

One of the areas that really needs attention in my home is my kitchen. I cook meals daily, sometimes two to three meals per day, so this space really needs to work well. Our pantry is a big disappointment but we keep trying to make it work. Some remodel work is really needed to make it more functional. It’s like having half of a stand in closet but it’s what we have.

I ordered a few things from Amazon and made it a goal for this month to do some kitchen/pantry reorganizing. I ended up returning some things that didn’t work for my pantry space, but the keepers are now favorites.

This expandable step shelf is one of my all time favorites. It worked perfectly on one of my pantry shelves and I love it. My bottles of vinegars, oils and other items like coconut aminos and such now have a home where I don’t fear dragging the glass bottles off the shelf while trying to reach something else. It made my kitchen organization a breeze.


I’m in love with these divided bins for holding bars, oatmeal packets, chia seed bags, and resealable quinoa bags. I ordered two sets but ended up returning one. It was hard to part with it because I’m sure I could have used the other set for the bathroom or in my craftroom.


3 drawer tea bag organizer All of our tea bags and coffee packets now have a neat, compact place. This thing is a game changer over the way I was storing my tea bags.


Adjustable spice rack for drawer I used to have spices on a lazy susan turntable in the cabinet by the stove, but it had gotten to the point I could never see and find what I was looking for. I made the switch to this organizer for my most used spices and I’ve eliminated the major of my meal time prep stress. I still have the lazy susan in the cabinet because this didn’t hold all the spices, but it’s more workable too now that it’s not so crowded.


Pot and Pan organizer This has been in place for almost a year and a half now and I’m still loving it. It makes getting my most used pans out so easy.


What are you favorite kitchen organization items? The area around my sink needs some work and it might be time for a new utensil caddy. I still have a few areas to work on, but any progress is better than no progress.

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