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How to Wear A Sequin Dress: Style Tips You Need to Know

Sequin dresses are one of the boldest and most versatile options for every woman’s wardrobe. Whether you’re searching for the perfect stand-out piece for holiday events, special occasions, or a night out on the town, a sequin dress can surely meet your needs.

Sequin dresses are all about having fun. So whether your social calendar is chock full of wedding weekends, a special birthday party, or some other special event until the end of the year, or you are simply rediscovering the joy of dressing up after seasons of sweatpants, just make sure a sequin dress is at the top of your shopping list. It’s a good idea for new year’s eve too. Keep reading to learn how to wear a sequin dress.

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Dos And Don’ts Of Wearing A Sequin Dress

Bright, eye-catching, and sparkly, you’ll have all eyes on you in a sequin ensemble. However, selecting and styling your sequined dress is important so that you are getting attention for the right reasons. I’ll start with the biggest takeaway for wearing sequins: Keep it classy. Here’s how to wear a sequin dress.

●     Too many sequins can change your look from sexy or sophisticated to sleezy in a flash.

Avoid too much ‘sparkle’; otherwise, you may possibly turn that gorgeous look into a human disco ball, and none of us want that to happen. If you’re wearing a sequin dress, for instance, pair it with solid color sandals, high heels, or flats and avoid iridescent or glittery shoes, which can distract from your outfit. You gotta balance out your look. Solid colors, bold or not, are highly recommended when pairing with a sequin dress.

●     Choose a simple cut

Sequins make a big statement. When you wear a sequin dress, you will be turning heads. You don’t need a daring neckline or a dramatic silhouette on top of the sequins. Instead, look for simple sequin dresses that have a pretty ordinary neckline, hem, and so on. Let the sequins do the talking, not a plunging V-neck or an asymmetrical hem.

●     Find the perfect fit

All eyes will be on you when the shimmering sequins captivate, so you want to make sure your sequin dress fits you comfortably! Finding a size and design that complements your body type is key for showcasing your style in a sequin dress.

●      Stay away from statement clutches!

Any clutch, tote, or bag with bling, embroideries, or patterns may potentially ruin your look. This means putting away your favorite LV bag; you can rock that another day. If you’re wearing a brightly colored modest sequin dress, then it is best to opt for a neutral clutch matching your heels.

●     Decide the length of the dress

Make sure the length of the sequin dress is not shorter than slightly above the knee. The downside of sequins is that they can look showy if not worn properly. It’s okay to wear a mini sequin dress but try for one that you can sit in comfortably without worrying too much. You can also opt for a longer evening gown (think along these lines) if you want a more sophisticated, elegant look.

●     Don’t Go Crazy

Speaking of which, don’t go crazy with a lot of sequins! Treat them gently! You don’t need sequins on your shirt, your jeans pockets, your socks, and your shoes. That is just way too much, and the eye won’t have anywhere to go – plus, you might blind someone!

Just keep these dos and don’ts in mind next time you want to try out this fashion trend and shine on!

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This silver sequin dress by DKNY is perfect for those who don’t want a form fitting dress. It’s fully lined and a quality weight material. I chose silver metallic shoes and accessorized with large rhinestone studs an a delicate diamond necklace. (Wearing an 8 for size reference, could wear a 6 as the top is rather large. The top is also better suite for larger busted women.) I also chose a rather plain nude clutch that would not compete with the dress.

Shop The Look:

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How To Accessorize A Sequin Dress

Accessories are an essential part of dressing up an outfit, as they can help bring out different aspects of your style and personality. Whether you’re wearing a sequin top, sequin skirt, or full dress, choosing the right accessories will help you complete your look. With this style, there can be too much of a good thing, which is why each accessory needs to be chosen carefully.

You can accessorize your sequin dress in many different ways. In order to achieve a stylish look, you need to consider several factors, such as the occasion and your personal style.

Since sequins are bold and eye-catching, allow your dress to stand on its own by keeping the rest of the look more low-key. Read on for my styling tips that will help you feel confident your sequin ensemble is appropriately accessorized.

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This blue twist front dress by Alex Evenings is also another excellent option for cocktail events. The flutter sleeves provide upper arm coverage. The dress is well made. It stretches a little but holds everything in. I choose very delicate jewelry. I paired it with nude sandals for a slightly more casual look. Nude pumps would pair nicely too and dress it up more.

(Wearing a 10P in the dress.)

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How To Choose Earrings For A Sequin Dress

If you’re wearing a sequin dress with elaborate designs or different colors that grab enough attention as it is, your earrings should be sleek and simple, whether just studs or a skinny pair of statement drop earrings, which bring attention to your neck and your updo if wearing one.

Larger, bold statement earrings are also a great way to spice up your outfit, but they work best when paired with more solid colors or very minimal sequin designs.

What Necklace To Wear With A Sequin Dress

When it comes to pairing a necklace with a sequin dress, less is always more. Actually, sequin dresses rarely even need a necklace, especially if you’ve already chosen a stunning pair of earrings to accessorize with.

If you feel your ensemble really needs a necklace, use the neckline of your sequin dress to guide your decision. In most cases, short and simple necklaces are ideal. A short necklace with a few small stones can be paired with strapless and off-the-shoulder sequin dresses.

If you’re wearing a sequin dress with a V-neck design, you can get away with a slightly longer pendant necklace or a pearl chocker. If your sequin dress has a high neckline, wear a strand of rope-length pearls with it.

What Bracelets Should I Wear With A Sequin Dress

The “less is more” motif follows for bracelets, as with all other accessories for sequin dresses. If you’re set on accessorizing your look with a bracelet, consider the sleeve type. As much as you might want to wear one, bracelets are completely unnecessary if you’re wearing long sleeves. However, sleeveless and short-sleeve dresses can be accessorized with a small link or charm bracelet, cuff, or bangle.

How To Accessorize A Silver Sequin Dress

Silver sequins look amazing with grey. Choose a grey stone drop earring or a grey fur jacket to wear with your silver sequin dress. Another option is to keep everything silver by choosing silver or white gold jewelry and a clutch or small bag in silver metallic or glitter. Go one shade darker or lighter to keep interest and not have everything blend together, but keep the dress as the focus of the outfit.

It’s also acceptable to mix metals and throw in a little gold in the mix. Blue colored gemstones are also another option.

How To Accessorize A Gold Sequin Dress

Simple gold metal earrings and a gold clutch work. If you have chosen black shoes, you might opt for a black stone earring. If the neckline allows for a necklace, a simple necklace in gold is acceptable as an accessory.

A simple nude clutch works well with gold sequins also. A simple cocktail ring is also an option or a gold cuff bracelet. Just don’t overdo it on the accessories. Keep them to a minimum.

What Shoes To Wear With A Sequin Dress

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Shoes can certainly make or break your outfit. They can elevate the whole look or totally kill the vibe you were going for. You definitely don’t want to choose the wrong shoes and end up with a frumpy look.

The perfect shoes for sequin dressing should complement rather than compete for the sparkly part’s attention. The best shoe colors for wearing with sequins are ones that match the color of your dress exactly. For example, if your cocktail dress is gold, then you should wear gold heels or shoes! Go for a monochrome look if you’re wearing metallic colors – for example, pair your silver sequin dress with silver shoes, or your gold sequin dress with gold shoes! Solid metallic shoes are a great choice.

However, if you want to switch things up a bit, then try wearing a pair of black heels instead since they will still contrast nicely with your dress.

As for the perfect shoe color, it’s better to go for a solid neutral color like black, white, and nude shoes, depending on the hue of your dress.

The type of shoes you pick will depend on your style personality and the type of event you are dressing for. If you are going to a fun holiday party or cocktail party and want a sexy look, choose a stiletto.

If you are attending a formal event and want a more elegant look, choose a classic pump. Nude pumps go with almost anything. Choose a shade that compliments your skin tone for a sleek, slim look.

Pumps are often an excellent choice because they come in a variety of heel heights and styles. They can be more comfortable to wear than stiletto heels. You can ever wear a sequin evening dress with block heels in a pump or dressy sandal for more stability and comfort. You can even wear a low heel pump and still look sophisticated.

Moreover, high boots or ankle boots can look cute too for less formal occasions. For casual New Year’s Eve holiday parties, a pair of boots might be a good choice if it’s cold outside. Choose a boot with a little heel, or opt for a black sequin shift dress with black tights and black ankle boots. Throw on a black leather jacket for an edgy casual look.

How to Dress Down A Sequin Dress

You may love to sparkle and shine just as much as the next glitter girl. However, a sequin dress isn’t an everyday go to item. Here are some ways to dress it down for girls night out or family holiday parties so you can get more wear out of your investment.

●     Layer Your Dress With A Shirt

To pull off an elegant yet decent look in a sequin dress, wearing it on top of a plain white T-shirt can never go wrong. For a relaxing vibe, I opt for the round neck instead of the V-neck tee. To really turn up the edge, throw on some textured black tights and boots. This is how you dress down a one-piece sequin dress the best way.

●     Pair A Sequin Dress With Casual Outerwear

As the saying goes, “When in doubt, throw on a blazer.” If you wear a sequin dress in a casual way, your blazers and jackets truly play a major role in altering your style connotation. For example, if you want something casual and relaxed, then try pairing your sequin dress with a denim jacket. If you want something more formal, try pairing it with an elegant, tailored blazer for an evening event.

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●     Wear It In Monochrome Style

You’ll stand out just because your dress is made of sequins. However, a patterned multi-colored sequin dress can be an eyesore & ruin your look. Choose your favorite sequin color & then stick with it! Let the main piece shine, and don’t add anything else that sparkles. Black is my favorite monochrome as it lets the sequins pop without being too much.