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January’s Fun and Practical Amazon Prime Purchases

Hello and Happy February! It’s time to share prime purchases and link up with Tanya again. I’ve got a mix of fun and practical Amazon prime purchases.

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I’m going to share my three favorite purchases first. The later stuff is run of the mill household supplies.

Multi stripe sweater dress This thing is so soft and cozy. I could not resist it. I have a couple of solid sweater dresses and decided this striped color block one would be a fun addition to my closet.


Laptop lap desk Mine is the version for a 17″ laptop but it isn’t available right now. This one is otherwise identical. I had a tray with legs that held a laptop but it just didn’t work for me on my couch. This baby lets me take my laptop or ipad and other books and notebooks to the living room so I can work from the couch and not be stuck in the chair at my desk all day. I had some leg/nerve pain issues again last month and sitting in my office chair was very uncomfortable at times. I love this lap desk so I can get away from the chair and desk.


Hanes Terry Full Zip Hoodie This one is light and comfortable and long enough to cover leggings. I’m partial to the rounded hem line too.


I also purchased these leggings in camo and this tee. The tee is also long enough for leggings and a nice weight. This plaid tunic made it’s way into my closet last month too. You may have seen me styling it on instagram. Maybe I shouldn’t have said three favorites- they are all favorites!

plaid tunic top from Amazon PrimePin

Cotton stems I purchased these as I wanted to do a little farmhouse decor when I took down Christmas decor, but I haven’t used them yet. I just ended up not having a spot for them in my decor, but I’m sure I will use them at some point. They are realistic looking and have nice long bendable stems.


Folding portable mini iron I actually bought this at the end of December but had not used it enough to share last month. It’s a great little touch up iron and it’s great for collars. I love using a steamer but find that a steamer doesn’t do much for collars, so I have been using this little gem on my collared shirts. It’s also my go to when I just don’t feel like dealing with steam and water.


We finally bought a Furminator for our Belgian Malinois Shepherd. I’ve had this on one of my wish lists forever. She sheds like crazy but this does a great job of pulling out that undercoat and we have noticed less dog hair in the house. I’d also recommend getting a regular brush for general brushing as this one can be a little rough. We need to get Bella a regular brush.


My most recent purchase is this double o ring reversible belt. Weight loss has me in need of a new belt and I love my other o ring belts but didn’t want to wear them out given the frequency of which I wear belts to work, so I purchased this one just for work. It’s also a little narrower than the others.


Other random Amazon purchases include some freezer tape and my favorite oil for cleaning and polishing wood. I could not find this stuff in the store anymore.

I also restocked on almond flour, parchment paper baking cups (which work great with almond flour baked goods) and I’m also trying out this corn free baking powder.

What fun things have you bought from Amazon lately?

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