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The Three Things I Primed in January 2022

I’ve been on a major decluttering mission since just before Christmas. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my decluttering efforts in stories as I shared each day what I decluttered. I followed along with the minsgame for 30 days, resulting in the removal of over 465 items from my home. This included old notes from desk drawers, clothing, household items that were worn out or not being used, and more. Given that I’m on a decluttering kick, bringing more stuff into my home didn’t seem appealing, so I only purchased three things from Amazon in January.


I made sure these three things were intentional and needed purchases. The cardboard box that the Christmas tree came in was torn and worn beyond use for another year of storage, so I purchased a Christmas tree storage bag. This one seems durable enough but I didn’t pay close attention to the dimensions, only that it fit up a a 7.5 ft tree. It’s way too big for my 7 ft pencil tree but I kept it anyway.


6×6 square envelopes for greeting cards

I like to make handmade cards and was asked by a coworker to make a special card for her son. His dog passed and I had given her a similar card when her dog passed. She wanted one to complete a shadow box for him, and I needed envelopes for this size card.

Air filters

It’s time to replace the air filters. We usually go to Target but the hubby tested positive for COVID after I had it. He had been asymptomatic but quarantined nonetheless, so we ordered filters from Amazon this time. The price is comparable to Target, so why not let Amazon bring them to me?


That’s it- short and sweet list. It was nice not to have a ton of packages and boxes to go through, return, and recycle. I didn’t even purchase any clothes or other items elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll be purchasing a few more things in the future, but plan to do so with intention. We have some things that need replacing like cooking utensils and I need a new steamer for my clothes. If you have recommendations, I’d love to hear.

Oh, I forgot to mention- the microwave died in January and we had to replace it. Good thing I didn’t really make any other purchases. December was the washer and drier, January the microwave. Life comes in cycles of three. What next? Do I dare ask?

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