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March Purchases: Amazon Prime and More

Today I’m sharing my purchases for the month of March. Who bought a lot of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and groceries? I actually haven’t bought that much of those things because they have been sold out! We were able to find one four-pack of toilet paper during the last two weeks of March. Good thing I had already been keeping it in stock. It was on one of those things we were always out of, and ran out of two days after going to the store, so I just started buying it more frequently during my regular shopping trips.

Before all the craziness hit, I was able to get a few fun things. I’ve drastically slowed my shopping down to essentials now out of respect for the delivery folks who are working so hard to deliver essentials. It does irritate me that I can’t get paper products and some other things online right now and the websites direct you to the store. It’s a huge gamble that it’s even in the store and we are supposed to stay home, not go store to store in search of paper towels and toilet paper. (rant over)

March Amazon Prime purchases- beauty, personal care, fashionPin

Vetinee Overalls- These are super soft and comfy. I ordered them in a large, so I’d say size up in these. You can see how I styled them here.

Bic Flex 4 Quad Razors– These are for men but I like shaving with them.

Eucerin Skin Calming Lotion I ran out of my First Aid Beauty lotion and decided to give this a try as a less expensive alternative. It gets a clean rating (2) at EWG and works great. It’s thick and creamy, but not too thick.

Leopard print headband- I may be rocking this a lot if I can’t get a haircut soon.

Amazon Essentials Swing Dress- I already had this tshirt dress in olive and grabbed another one in navy. These are like wearing pajamas.

Oatmega Protein Bars– I tried these in Vanilla Almond the month before, so this time I ordered a box of chocolate peanut flavor. These are good too, but I think Vanilla Almond is my favorite.

Becca Under Eye Brightening Setting powder This stuff is great for setting concealer and doesn’t enhance the under eye wrinkles like some powders do. I ran out and needed another container. I can get it other places but I like my free prime shipping.

The hubby built a kennel end table for the dog and me. It’s a win for both of us, lol. He ordered some of the materials from Amazon. He put a liner of Hush Mat in the top and bottom to reduce noise as our dog suffers from anxiety and thunder phobia. (You can’t see the liner in the finished product.) He also got the latches for the kennel door from Amazon.

I took advantage of some of the awesome sales and free shipping at other retailers for some new spring pieces. You can see them in my Spring Try On Session.

Are you still shopping online, or waiting out the quarantine?

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