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12 Spring 2022 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

Spring is here! It arrived here with a chilly morning but with a bright and sunny day. Along with the arrival of a new season comes new clothing and shoes and new trends. But if you are over 40 you may be looking at all of it wondering if you can actually wear these trends.

Yes you can! Let’s take a look at 12 spring fashion 2022 trends you can wear over 40.

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Much like fall, spring clothes for women include bright colors, denim styles are different, there are a few new shoe trends and the 90s influence is still strong. No need to fret over spring. There are so many cute spring clothes and trends right now, you can pick what fits your unique style personality and still be on trend.

The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to wear ALL the trends. Pick one or two that suits you and rock it all season. Wearing all the trends in one outfit comes across as trying too hard and doesn’t equate to being stylish.

The two primary spring 2022 fashion trends I’m skipping are mini skirts and low rise jeans and pants.

I was never big on mini skirts even in my younger years. I don’t find them appropriate for most occassions, regardless of age.

Low rise pants don’t fit me. I avoided skinny jeans at the onset for that reason. When they started making mid rise curvy fit, skinny jeans, I was all in. I’m all for covering the bum and holding the love handles in (not creating them with low rise pants.)

Now that the two trends to skip are out of the way, we are left with lots of age appropriate choices when it comes to spring 2022 fashion trends over 40.

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

Bold Stripes

Stripes are nothing new but they are having a moment this spring. You are going to see them everywhere- thick, bold stripes and fun, bright colorful stripes.

tshirt dress in bold stripes spring 2022 fashion trend over 40Pin

Dress- Amazon; Jacket- Old Navy; Sneakers- Dr. Scholl’s; purse- Amazon– comes in several fun colors

I can’t help but look at wide neutral stripes like tan, navy or gray and think “prison uniform”, lol. But that’s not going to stop me from wearing them.

Think you can’t wear stripes? That has more to do with body type than age. Horizontal stripes will highlight your broadest area, so wear them all over for balance, or wear them on your smaller half. I’ll be rocking striped tees and dresses but not horizontal striped skirts.

Not all stripes have to be horizontal either. I just purchased this vertical striped top from Gap and it’s a strong contender for my spring wardrobe.


Lots of prints are trending this spring and gingham is one of them. Gingham is a very wearable spring fashion trend over 40.

While some gingham can be a little too childish looking (I recently tried this blue gingham dress from Old Navy and ended up feeling a little like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz), gingham can still be worn over the age of 40.

Wear it in structured pieces like a gingham blazer or structured trousers. You can even wear gingham loafers or if you prefer something more casual- sneakers in a gingham print.

Stick to one piece.


Top- Gap; split hem jeans- Gap; sandals- Zappos

I’m going against my own advice here with three trends in one outfit- gingham, split hem jeans and platform sandals.

That’s the beauty of a classic pattern like gingham being a trend- you can wear a few more trends with it. If the overall vibes work, go for it. This has a fun, slightly boho, 70-ish vibe and I’m all for it.

This gingham peplum top is 100% cotton, so it’s cool and comfortable. It will be perfect for our sticky, humid climate and I’d wear it in the summer with shorts or a skirt. If the bright color isn’t your thing, it comes in navy and other patterns.

Floral patterns

Floral patterns are trendy every spring so I hesitate to call it a trend but you can’t go wrong wearing florals in the spring.

The key to wearing florals over 40 without looking frumpy is to pay attention to the size and shape of the florals. Also pay attention to how close or far apart the florals are. Generally, if you are larger, you can pick a larger print, and if you are smaller, stick with smaller patterns of florals.

Structure will also play an important part in how you wear florals. If I had chosen the floral print below in a midi dress with lots of volume, it would look frumpy on me. The tie waist belt gives this dress a little structure and the length is more flattering.

The print is a little busy and I could do better with a less dense pattern, but it’s still fun.

floral dressPin

Dress- Old Navy; shoes- Kohls/ similar

If you wear head to toe florals like a dress or jumpsuit, keep everything else mininal. This is not the time for more patterns or statement jewelry.


This can be a challenging trend for women over 40. You never want to look old and frumpy, but you also want to be taken seriously as the mature, sensible woman you are.

Wearing ruffles, whether small or large, is also about knowing and dressing your body type. A ruffle will draw attention to the area where it’s placed. Have a small bust or upper body? Go for ruffles up top.

Large shoulders or bust? Avoid ruffles there and look for a ruffle hem skirt or dress.

Generally as we age, less is more. In small doses, ruffles can be part of the spring 2022 fashion trends over 40.

This top has small ruffles at the shoulders. See it here worn as spring work wear.


Top- Amazon; jeans- NYDJ; shoes- Target; purse-Amazon; headband- Amazon

Romantic style

This may be your signature style, and if so, this is your season. Combine those florals and ruffles for lots of romantic style. Just keep the tips for wearing florals and ruffles in mind. Rock puff sleeves, lace and crochet as well.

romantic style dressPin


Bright Colors

Pastels are still very much a part of spring, but bright colors are everywhere this year. Find them in casual clothing and in suits and blazers for work.

I’m in love with the bright green below, but I’ll be skipping the oversized fit. It’s not my best look (and I’m wearing this in an x-small.)

full length jeans and bright topPin

Shirt- Gap; jeans- Gap

Full Length Jeans

Cropped jeans and ankle jeans are still trending and sensible for spring and summer, but full length jeans are making a comeback. I’m happy to give my skinny jeans a break (my large calves thank me) and I’m willing to try all the jean styles.

You won’t have an issue wearing full length jeans if you get the appropriate length. You’ll look frumpy if they puddle or pool on top of your shoes, so get a length that comes past your ankles and sits at the top of your shoe. I’m wearing a 29 petite in the Gap jeans above. They are so comfortable!

Dark Denim

Light and medium wash jeans are still appropriate for spring, but dark wash denim is also making a comeback. This is a classic wash that is extremely flattering to those of us with a pear shape.

Dark wash jeans in any leg silhouette are one of the most wearable spring 2022 fashion trends for women over 40.

Dark wash denim is the most wearable spring 2022 fashion trend over 40.Pin


If sporty chic is your style, there are lots of sporty, varsity inspire pieces trending this season. Try a sharp striped trim cardigan to keep it classy.

stripe trim cardigan for varsity trendPin

Head to Toe Color

Wearing all one color, head to toe, is very trendy this spring. White on white is also trendy. You can easily pull off this trend over 40. Pick your most flattering color and wear it in the pieces that flatter your body type.

head to toe color trend spring 2022 fashion trend for over 40Pin

Cut Outs

This one has been trying to be a trend for a few seasons now. It’s not one I’ve embraced but it can be tastefully done if you pick a piece with just a few snips here and there. I’ll never embrace the full on side showing, midriff baring cut out tops, but exposing a little shoulder or chest can be appealing.

cut out bodysuit Pin

Beach/vacation theme clothing

Who doesn’t want to be permanently on vacation? Even if you can’t jet off to a tropical location, you can chanel the vibes in this trend. Apply the rules for florals and it will be much easier to wear.

Gap has some prints that take me back to the 80s. Tropical print “jam” shorts wear the rage. Who remembers?

There is a classy way to wear this trend. Don that pretty tropical dress even if you are just having cocktails on the porch and pretend you are at the beach.

tropical maxi dressPin

Remember, wearing trends isn’t so much about age, as it is about picking the ones that flatter you and work for your lifestyle.

Which one of these spring 2022 fashion trends over 40 will you embrace?