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3 Colorful Outfits to Rock the Office with Confidence

Do you ever get stuck in that rut of thinking all business attire has to be grey, black or blue? Wish you could confidently interject some color into your work wear? You can!

Here are 3 colorful outfits to confidently wear to the office. You can wear color and still look professional.

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1- The colorful top +white blazer + pants

The colorful top and white blazer lighten up office attire for the spring and summer season. This would work with navy pants, but I chose a lighter blue ankle pant.

white blazer with colorful topPin

Blazer- Amazon; options /regular and plus size options blouse- Express; option option option option pants- Loft; option option shoes- Payless; option earrings- Kendra Scott; necklace- Rocksbox

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2- Dark suit with colorful top and colorful scarf

Yes, this is your plain old boring navy business suit. A colorful top really pops again the dark background, and makes it less boring. The scarf pulls in even more color.

business attirePin
colorful outfits for work Pin

Blazer- Worthington/JCP; pants- Worthington/JCP; blouse- JCP; option option scarf- thrifted; option option earrings- Amazon; shoes- Payless option

3- Bright blazer+ print blouse with navy or dark pants

This time the blazer is the colorful piece. Navy pants keep the look conservative and office ready.

womens office attirePin
colorful outfits for the officePin
yellow blazer Pin

Blazer- Worthington/JCP; option option petite option blouse- TJMaxx; option option pants- Loft; shoes- Payless; necklace- Rocksbox; earrings- old option

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Notice something about the shoes and accessories in these outfits? They are all neutral and conservative. If your office tends to be on the more conservative side, the best way to add color is to incorporate one or two colorful pieces with more conservative neutral pieces. Keep shoes neutral and jewelry simple. The office isn’t the place for your brand new bright yellow statement earrings, although I would not fault you for wearing a pair of colorful shoes, or smaller colorful earrings, like the ones in outfit two. The key is balance. Don’t go head to toe overboard with any one color or trend when dressing for the office. Be selective about the pieces and accessories, and you can confidently wear colorful outfits to the office.

Have a great week! Check out this mock neck print tank. It would be so pretty under a blazer at the office and another fun way to add some color.