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The Forgotten, Ignored and Unworn: Week 3

I’m back to share the outfits from the last week made up of all those pieces that have been forgotten, ignored and unworn. If you want to know more about my self challenge, check it out here. Three weeks and nothing repeated yet.


black suitPin

Blazer/ pants- GAP; similar pants/ similar blazer blouse- Nordstrom; option plus size option shoes- Franco Sarto; necklace- Kendra Scott; similar earrings-? Rocksbox?

I had court Friday and I needed to just get out the door. It’s those days that I reach for this black suit and there are plenty of those days so this suit has almost been worn thread bare. So what’s the Ignored/ Unworn: the shoes! Ugh! I bought these during a Nordstrom Anniversary sale a couple of years back, and while I like Franco Sarto, I just don’t love these shoes. (get a better look at them here.) It has also been a long time since I’ve worn the necklace and earrings. I was crazy about rose gold for a while and now I’m back to yellow gold and ignoring the rose.


casual shorts outfitPin

Shirt- JCrew Factory; shorts- JCP; shoes- Kohls; earrings- Amazon

We had a HOA meeting so I threw this on to go the meeting. The unworn: the shirt. I think this is the first time I’ve worn it this year and it really did not get worn much last year, maybe once or twice. The shorts are super old and saw much wear in earlier years, but haven’t been worn but once this summer.


wide leg linen pantsPin

Top- Loft; pants Old Navy; earrings- Amazon; wedges- Aerosole

The unworn: almost the whole outfit. I love these pants but only wear them once per summer. I have to wear tall wedges with them. I think I would wear them all the time if I got them hemmed for flatter shoes. First time wearing this top this summer, and the nude wedges have not seen much wear this year either.

Monday- field attire


white pants office outfitPin

Blazer- Forever21; option top- TJMaxx; pants- JCPenney; shoes- Payless; necklace- Madewell

The unworn: The blazer, white pants, and necklace. I used to wear this blazer on heavy rotation, but I think this is its first time out this year. I keep saying I’m done with this blouse and didn’t even put it in the closet when I switched from winter to spring/summer but here I am taking it out of the drawer and wearing it. I’ve worn the pants at least once this spring/summer but should be wearing them a lot more. I’m also wearing some rectangle coral studs that haven’t been worn in a very long time.


womens office attire, yellow blazerPin

Blazer- JCP; blouse- JCrew Factory; pants- Loft; shoes- Payless

The unworn: the blouse! I bought it this year and haven’t worn it yet other than creating a post with five ways to wear it. So it finally made its maiden voyage out of the closet. I have worn the yellow blazer a couple of times this spring and summer but not as often as I envisioned when I bought it. These shoes are several years old but haven’t seen any wear this year. They have seen plenty of wear in years past and I really like them. I just need to remember to wear them in the spring and summer months.


polka dot pencil skirtPin

Blazer- Dress Barn; short sleeve sweater- JCP; skirt- JCrew Factory; shoes- TJMaxx; necklace- Gorjana

The unworn: The necklace, sweater, and skirt. I came across the sweater in a drawer last weekend. It had truly been forgotten so I moved it to the closet where I would see it and wear it. The skirt rarely gets worn anymore. The necklace is new and has been sitting on the bar in the shipping box for almost two weeks. You can barely see it in these pics. I also just realized I didn’t put my earrings back on. I took them off at the salon. And yes, my hair is much shorter on the side and the back. It’s still a pixie style but with more of an undercut. I had just come home from the hair salon.

Have you been motivated to wear any of your #forgottenignoredandunworn?