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Summer 2022 Fashion Trends You Can Wear Over 40

Summer rolled in officially last week and it has been hot! I think summer has been here for over a month already in temps and we are already having dog day temps meant for August. Weather aside, each season brings some new trends and you may be wondering which summer 2022 fashion trends you can wear over 40.

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Any of them that flatter you!

I hate even mentioning age in style posts because age doesn’t matter. It’s about dressing your body shape appropriately, wearing clothes that fit and flatter and that are appropriate for the event or activity you are wearing them for.

But I get it. I’ve been there.

In my 30s I made a job change to a more conservative environment with a professional dress code and I got married. All of those things had me thinking that since I was more into the part of an adult that maybe I should dress differently.

Big mistake. At least in considering how I dressed based on age. That mind set left me in some extremely frumpy outfits. I cringe when I look back.

Let’s put some of those insecurities to rest and take a look at summer 2022 fashion trends. All of the trends I’m featuring all totally wearable for any age, even women over 40. It all comes down to your personal style and comfort level.

Fashion advice can be subjective. I’ve recently seen a couple of bloggers I follow give what I consider bad advice. For example, one of them said crochet was not a wearable trend. I disagree. I’ve included it in my list of trends. It’s not really good or bad advice- it comes down to personal preference on this one.

If you wear clothes that fit and flatter, you will be stylish no matter the trends.

Summer 2022 Fashion Trends

Platform/espadrille sandals

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Platform shoes, especially in the form of espadrille sandals, are having a big moment this year. I went for a hair cut and my stylist and her assistant were bothing wearing platform espadrilles.

Espadrilles are any shoe with a braided jute rope or sole. They can be closed toe or a sandal, flat or wedge, or platform soled. Espadrilles are in no way a new style, having been around for centuries.

They just happen to be one of this summer’s trending shoes, and anyone can wear them. They are generally in style in the summer so you won’t go wrong investing in a pair. You can wear them summer after summer.

Look for a wedge sandal or platform espadrille sandal to be among the trendiest in 2022. The platform sandal will give you some height but may be easier to wear than a wedge given the flat footbed. The trade off is that a platform will be more casual and a wedge espadrille can dress up your look.

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Crochet has been introduced off and on over the past couple of years but it never seems to catch on. Yet, here it is again in any list on the top fashion sites.

I just saw a few pieces hit the Ann Taylor site that are more refined and very wearable.

I wouldn’t wear a full on form fitting crochet dress or crochet shorts because those would not be flattering on me nor are they my style, but crochet in small doses is very doable. Embrace this trend in accents on tops, dresses, swimwear, in swimwear coverups, and as accessories.

If boho is your style personality, crochet works beautifully for this aesthetic.

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Fruit prints

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Tee- old/ similar; shorts- Amazon; purse- Amazon; slides- similar

This is a fun trend you see at lots of retailers. You may be wondering if it’s appropriate or possible for any adult to wear a fruit pattern without looking childish. You can wear this print by sticking to structured pieces and graphic tees. Leave the fruit print and patterned leggings to the five-year old.

Ask yourself first if the style and cut of the garment is appropriate, then consider the print.

Incorporate this trend into accessories like a canvas bag. Don’t go overboard as this may be one that doesn’t stick around, although you usually do see one fruit pattern each summer season. Sometimes it’s lemons, sometimes it’s cherries. Other times pineapple prints are popular. You can find some of all of them this year.

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Matching sets

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This trend has been trying to catch on since before Covid when matching lounge sets became a thing. Now that COVID is over and everyone is sick of lounge sets, give a matching suit a try for work. It makes getting dressed super easy. If you are brave, try a bright color.

Matching printed skirt and blouse sets are also trending and you can get bonus outfit from one by wearing the pieces as separates with other items. Many pieces are sold as separate but can create matching sets, like this top and these shorts.

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Bright colors

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Green top/ pull on shorts/ yellow tank/ linen pants/ sandals- similar/ bag- similar/ bag tassel/ skirt- similar

Bright colors came on strong in the spring and they are not going anywhere. Don’t let color intimidate you. Summer is the best time to wear bright colors and not feel out of place.

Cut Outs

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Another trend that came out a couple of years ago and has increased in popularity. The cut-out trend has made an appearance for all seasons.

It’s well suited for summer when you want to dress cooler. Dresses with side cut outs are particularly trendy but if that’s out of your comfort zone, try a top with modest cut outs at the neckline. The side cut out dresses and dresses with cut outs in the back are one of the classier ways to wear this trend. Too much of it becomes raunchy. Bathing suits are another great way to embrace this trend.

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Slide sandals

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An easy way to embrace summer 2022 fashion trends is to slip into some slide sandals. These have been going strong for several summers now, and I doubt they will ever be truly out of style. They will remain a summer classic even when they aren’t having a spotlight moment.

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One shoulder tops and dresses

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Dress- Target; purse- Target

I’ve been seeing one shoulder tops and dresses everywhere since the spring. Yes, you can wear these over 40. It’s a great way to look fresh and young while still staying modest.

A one shoulder top or dress, especially those with a full sleeve, are more modest than tanks and halters. You can find them in styles that camouflage problems areas while still letting you show off shapely shoulders. Wear one for date night or don a one shoulder dress for a summer wedding. It’s the trendy replacement for cold shoulder tops.

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Skorts, tennis skirts, tennis dresses, or active dresses are super trendy right now, even if you don’t play sports or tennis. Hiking or sport sandals are having a moment in the spotlight too. You can embrace this a little like the outfit above, or full on.

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Coastal Grandmother

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This aesthetic and trend has blown up thanks to a Tik Tok influencer who is nowhere near the age of a grandmotherIt’s not just a fashion style, but a way or life.  On the fashion side, embrace wide leg linen pants, button up shirts layered over tanks or tees and bucket hats or straw hats, along with white and neutral colors and pastel blues and greens.

I’m all for it. Linen and light colors have been summer survival items for me for years. I’ve been all over the bucket hat for a couple of years too but it’s just now catching on.

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The Trend I’m Skipping


The late nineties and early 2000s are back. Fashion all comes back around every 20 years or so. If you wore it then in your twenties, and now you are over 40, you can wear it again if you want to. Just make sure it’s something you purchased today and not something you hung on to for 20 years. Those original pieces will look dated.

I’m avoiding this trend because I largely avoided those styles back then. I was in my late twenties. I might have donned a crop top or two with those being ones that barely showed my stomach.  Y2K is being embraced now by people who are roughly the age now I would have been then or younger. Just skip it if you are over thirty. Again, not because of age but because the aesthetics of this style probably won’t be appropriate for the events you attend at this stage in life.

 Consider wide leg jeans, hair clips and enamel bracelets in lieu of crop tops and mini skirts if you really want Y2k vibes now.

Which of these summer 2022 fashion trends will you be wearing? Set the age part aside as much as possible. Consider how you want to look and what your style personality is. Incorporate the trends that fit your personality.