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The Best Straw Bags to Refresh Your Summer Wardrobe

I’ve rounded up some of the best straw bags to refresh your summer outfits. It’s time to trade in your leather and suede handbags for something lighter. Nothing says summer quite like a straw bag.

First, let me address a question that keeps coming up.

Are straw bags in style in 2022?

Of course they are.

Straw bags are classics that will be in style every summer. You might see one shape or type trending over another shape or type from year to year, but a straw bag is always acceptable and stylish in the summer.

Just look at the abundance of them at your favorite retailers if you need an indication of whether or not they are in style. The best straw bags can add texture and variety to an outfit with very little effort.

Bags and accessories for summer may be listed as straw, rattan, raffia or wicker.

What’s the difference? Straw, raffia and rattan can be natural or synthetic.

Natural straw refers what is left over when the seeds are removed from the stalk of any grain plant. It can be woven into hats and bags.  Straw bags can consist of corn husks, regular straw, or crocheted paper.

R­­affia comes from the segments of the leaves on the Raphia Farinifera palm (commonly known as Raffia Palm). Different species of raffia palm can be found around the world in parts of South East Asia, South and Central America. Straw and raffia can be easily confused. They are both natural fibers but come from different sources.

Rattan is a product of the palm plant; it is a type of vine that climbs up the trunks and branches of trees in the jungles of South East Asia.

Wicker is a weaving technique, not a material. Rattan is often used for wicker furniture and for structured bags and accessories.

Now that we’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, let’s look at some of the best straw bags for summer. They are not just for the beach and come in a variety of styles.

The Best Straw Bags for SummerPin

One must have for your collection of handbags is a straw tote.

Take it to work, the market or the beach. Carry all your necessities for the day in one bag.

The popular Madewell Transport tote is available in a straw edition. It’s fully lined so even your smallest items won’t fall through.

Add some fun to your day with a colorful striped straw tote.

The Lauren Conrad North South Market Tote will add lots of style to your look. It includes a removable and adjustable crossbody strap.

A sassy fringe detail gives this straw tote character.

Faux leather trim adds some class to this one.

This paper straw tote has resin handles that make it sturdy and easy to tote.

A straw bucket bag is the ultimate bucket list bag.

Per Marie Claire, “the first bucket bag to appear on scene was in 1932 when Gaston-Louis Vuitton created the Noé as a utilitarian bag(opens in new tab) to carry champagne in without breaking the bottles. The wide reinforced base was designed to hold five bottles while the drawstring closure cinched the bottles together so they wouldn’t rattle around. “

A straw bucket bag has summer coastal vibes for sure. It makes me want to catch dinner.

The Quinn Seagrass Straw bucket bag will elevate your daytime summer work wear.

Throw your drinks in and head out on a picnic with this wicker bucket bag by Topshop.

This bucket bag is the perfect accessory for your sundress.

Run errands or meet friends for lunch hands free with straw crossbody bags.

This smaller bag is adorned with natural shell. It’s easy of carry makes it one of the bes straw bags.

This adorable mini bag is budget friendly and has a chain crossbody strap.

This one would make an elegant evening bag.

The Best Straw Bags on Amazon

the best straw bags on AmazonPin

If you are looking for a less expensive option in a straw bag to try out for a season or two, head to Amazon. These all have 4-5 star ratings and great reviews.

With a blue and white striped liner and colorful pom poms, you can’t help but feel the summer vibes with this straw tote.

Also lined and has sturdy bottom, this straw tote comes in a variety of options.

This one is lightweight and soft, and folds easily for travel.

This round ring handle bag is woven from seagrass and can go from beach to dinner.

Your summer bag collection is not complete without a round rattan purse.

This hobo style woven shoulder bag is soft and pliable, not to mention stylish.

This rattan bucket bag is perfect for carrying to a beach wedding.

Get your summer vibes on by adding one of these straw bags to your wardrobe now.

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