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What I Read in February 2022

It seems like I didn’t read much in February and it feels like that was a long time ago. I’ve spent some of my audio book time listening to online classes on other things or podcasts, so I feel a little of with reading right now.

Nonetheless, I read/listened to three books, two from authors who rarely disappoint me.


Just a reminder of the rating system- 5 stars= an awesome book, 4= really good, 3 is still enjoyable but I didn’t love it, 1 or 2 would probably end up as a DNF- did not finish.

Midnight Sacrifice by Melinda Leigh– I like how her books build on a set of characters and a plot. This is book two in a series. Danny Sullivan returns to a small town in Maine to look for his sister’s abductor. His sister escaped but the kidnapper and serial killer vanished. The family won’t rest easy until they know he is dealt with. Danny also wants to pursue Mandy, the bed and breakfast owner he met last time he was in town. However, Mandy has connections to the killer and secrets that could destroy any relationship they start. 4 stars


Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover – This was not my favorite Colleen Hoover book but she still has a way of making me need a box of tissues before the end! The writing seemed a little choppy to me, but the story was still easy to follow. Kenna servs five years in prison for the death of her boyfriend and returns to his hometown in hopes of getting to meet and establish a relationship with their daughter that she gave birth to in prison after his death. His parents are still too grief stricken and angry to allow it. The one person who supports her and has a link to her daughter stands to loose everyone’s trust as well if her pursues a relationship with her. 4 stars


The Science of Sexy-Bradley Bayou – “In The Science of Sexy, Bayou helps readers identify their silhouette shape (triangle, inverted triangle, rectangle, or hourglass) and combines that information with a height/weight chart to determine which of the forty-eight ?fitting rooms? to go to in the book. Each fitting room has Bradley?s specific advice on the clothes and accessories to wear and avoid, and how to create balance using color, scale, proportions, and fabric.” This book is easy to follow and a must read if you want to determine the best clothes for your body shape. 4 stars


I read and listened to the first two books on Kindle Unlimited. Get a membership to read from over 1 million ebooks. I love it when Kindle Unlimited books come with both reading and audio for listening.

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