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What You Really Need to Pack for a 3 Day Beach Resort Getaway

Are you a chronic over packer? Do you ever question what to pack or what you really need for a getaway?

Raising my hand. I am a chronic over packer. I hate to pack. I hate to commit to a certain outfit for fear I will not be comfortable or will want another choice.

We recently went on a three day getaway to a beach resort. Of course, I over packed. However, I did document just what I wore so I will have the confidence in the future to pare down what I take.


It’s important to know and decide what activities you will be doing and what footwear you may need for those activities. Footwear can sometimes drive the vibe of your outfits and therefore, drive what to pack for a trip.

We were going to lay by the pool, walk the beach, read and chill. Footwear wasn’t really important for this trip.

Some people will argue that this list is still too much for a three day trip. Let me go ahead and get this out. I hate those summer packing lists that give you 10 outfits from 7 pieces and expect you to rewear clothing.

I live in the south. Most of my vacations are in the southern or southeastern U.S. It’s always hot and we usually play hard on our vacations, with the exception of this last trip. We hike and visit outdoor attractions.

Even if we are just walking and taking photos, it’s hot and I sweat. My clothes aren’t fit for rewearing. I once asked another blogger how to account for that and was told you have to do laundry during your vacation. BAHAHA! I’m on vacation. I don’t want to do laundry.

If we rent a house that has a washer and dryer, the hubby will wash his laundry on the last night so it’s done when he gets home. But I don’t want to worry about laundry in the middle of vacation. I will pack at least one outfit for each day, and a few extra pieces for dinners out because my day clothes are done for at the end of the day.

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Here’s what my three day resort getaway list looks like:

Travel day outfit – I wear shoes that I plan to wear again during the trip.


1 pair denim shorts

2 bathing suits- I don’t like to sit around in wet clothes. I won’t change back into a suit if it’s wet, so I actually took 3 but only needed 2.

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Black tshirt dress– I used it as a cover up. It has the potential to be worn again for dinner, but I put mine on over a damp bathing suit and walked around the resort and to the beach. By the end of the day, the dress was damp and stinky. I wasn’t wearing it again.

Romper- This was my day two cover up and could have also been worn again as an outfit. You could just opt for a cover up.

Maxi dress I like to have at least one nice, dress up outfit for dinner. A maxi dress is easy to pack and fits the bill for this.

maxi dress outfit for beach resort getaway/ what to packPin

2 tank tops ( or tops of your choice)


casual vacation outfitPin
what to pack for beach resort casual beach outfitPin

3 pairs of sandals– One pair is my beach/pool/house pair- a pair I don’t mind getting wet or sandy or potentially messed up. I took a pair of white slides and a pair of gold sandals in addition to the beach sandals.

Straw tote– Mine is the perfect size for a purse. If you have one larger it can double as your beach bag, or

Beach/ pool tote– I took a separate one because my straw tote was too small.

Pajamas– I took two pairs.


Cardigan– My hubby usually likes the room cooler than I do, so I need a cardigan to lounge around in with my pjs or other loungewear.

You may also want a denim jacket for restaurants that are too cool. (See also 17 Ways to Wear a White Denim Jacket.)

Throw in a couple of pairs of statement earrings that coordinate with your outfits and let that be the bulk of your jewelry. You don’t need much other jewelry with statement earrings.

Most of the items will be in your closet if you have your closet stocked with summer wardrobe staples.

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I wore the denim shorts with the tank down to the beach early one morning at sunrise. I didn’t sweat so I wore the shorts again with a tank top and kimono to dinner, and then wore the shorts and a tank home. If I had not been able to wear these multiple times, I could have worn my travel outfit again. For flexibility, I might add one more pair of shorts to the list.

If you plan on biking, walking a lot or working out during your trip, add sneakers and workout clothes to the list and you should be good to go. Don’t forget sunscreen!

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floral shorts summer outfitPin

Earrings- Amazon; shirt- JCrew Factory- similar; shorts- JCrew Factory; shoes- DSW; tote- Walmart

casual vacation outfitsPin
maxi dress casual vacation outfit, what to pack for a beach tripPin

Dress- Belk (old); earrings- Amazon

casual summer outfitPin

Top- Amazon; shorts- Old Navy; shoes- Kohls

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