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5 Items worth shopping in the NSale

5 things worth shopping in the Nordstrom Anniversary SalePin

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I receive commission for clicks and purchases made through them.

It’s here (for cardholders) – what some call the biggest sale of the year. I beg to differ. If you are into really high end jeans, purses, and shoes, then maybe this is a big sale. Within my budget, it’s not a huge savings. I can get the same savings for Black Friday or some other time when I might actually need the items. I really don’t need fall items right now, but with all that said, it may still be a sale worth shopping.  Here are a few things I find worth shopping in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

1.  Boots and booties– I’ve had great success with my Vince Camuto booties (purchased in October at 50% off mind you, so if you need to wait, don’t sweat it). If I were purchasing another pair now, I would snatch up the Vince Camuto Pavista Bootie. My Vince booties are so comfortable, I can wear them 8+ hours a day. I’d also get the Vince Camuto Kentvi Sandal if that’s more your style of bootie. A pair of my tall boots died last year, so I may or may not try the Sam Edelman Caprice Knee High Boot. It’s got a pretty significant savings on it.

2.Jewelry Some of the jewelry is released just for the sale. I’ve missed out on some pieces in the past that never came back. The Kendra Scott Kirsten earrings have my attention.

3. Undergarments– I tend to skimp when it comes to these items, but I’m in need of some new ones so it may be time to splurge. I’ve heard good things about the Natori Feathers bra.

4. Denim– Some of the best discounts are on premium denim. I added a pair of NYDJ to my collection last year. I love them, but definitely wait for  a sale. There are a lot of crop jeans featured and the Levis High Waist Crop might be fun to try.

5. Make up sets I love trying out premium makeup but I don’t love the prices. Anytime there is a sale on make up kits, I’m all for it.

Have fun shopping!