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November Prime Purchases

It’s time to round up those Amazon prime purchases again. Did you get any good Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals? I didn’t really shop too many of those on Amazon this time but took advantage of some elsewhere so I’ll share those at the end.

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We get a subscribe and save order every month of things we use all the time- snacks, vitamins and personal care products. Those are the bulk of our Amazon packages but we always manage to find something else we “need” too.

I finally decided to pull the trigger on lug sole chelsea boots and spent part of October and November shopping for them. After trying a couple of different pairs and returns for sizing, I bought a light colored pair through Amazon. I ordered from a couple of different places and found the best priced on this pair at Amazon. I liked them so much I bought them in black as well, but I got the black pair from Zappos because the price was cheaper there for the black pair.

I needed ink cartridges for the printer and Amazon was the best option.

Silk Satin Lined beanie– I have a few beanies and in spite of not having enough cold days to wear them, I keep collecting them. I decided I needed a cream colored beanie and the best thing about this one is the silk/satin lining that keeps your hair from getting messed up. See me wearing it here. The pom pom is detachable.

External hard drive- I desperately need to back up my computer and move some things off to make space so I finally bought an external hard drive during the black Friday sales. It’s been so hectic lately that I haven’t even taken it out of the box yet!

Earring backs- I have a pair of sparkly earrings that I love to wear this time of year but they have gotten to the point that they won’t stay in my ears, even with my beloved heavy earring support backs that worked for a while with this pair. I decided to give these a try before I give up and throw the earrings away. They came in last week but are also still in the package because I haven’t had time to try them out.

Shacket- I finally decided to fully embrace the shacket trend and ordered one during Black Friday sales from Amazon. Those things are so darned expensive.

I ordered some things in October and finally made up my mind on what to keep and what to return in November so we’ll count those as November purchases too.

I launched an all out campaign/ war on finding a midi skirt that was flattering for my petite curvy frame during the fall. Most of them make me look so squatty and frumpy. I ordered several from Amazon and found some winners. This leopard slip skirt ended up being the keeper. I styled it 7 ways in this post.

I have a thing for waffle knit and ended up keeping this vneck top and this sweater. Both look better on in person than in the Amazon pics. I styled the pink sweater here with an Old Navy skirt.

My Black Friday Week and Cyber Monday purchases are showcased below in the widget. I’m still waiting on a couple of them to arrive. A lot of my sweaters are several years old and beginning to show wear so I ordered some sweaters to replace old ones (and in hopes that I get to wear them! We are having another heat wave at the moment.) I also ordered some things to fill on holes for the GYPO Winter 2021 capsule I’ll be utilizing for many of my outfits this winter.

Did you find any good shopping deals last month?

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