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9 to 5 Style: 12 Easy Winter Outfits for Work

Hello winter! It’s here on the calendar, mildly present in temperatures for us. It’s also the day that I share 9 to 5 style. This month’s theme is winter. You still want to look polished during the winter for work, not puffed like the Michelin man. Here are 12 easy winter outfits for work that include some key pieces for surviving winter at work.

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The best way to approach winter work wear is to layer. Layers are easy to remove when you have to adjust from the temps outside to the heat inside. Think sweaters, scarves and warm blazers. If your climate is super cold, invest in a thermal under shirt to wear under your blouses and sweaters.

1 Button up shirt+ sweater +blazer+pants

Our winters are fairly mild, so I can get away with baring my ankles.

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2 Layer on the color. A dreary winter day can use some color.

Opt for a wool orbright outfit for workPin

3 Button up shirt+ Blazer + plaid pants

A wool blend blazer is also a great winter essential.

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4 Blazer + sweater + trousers

I have lots of lightweight sweaters that layer well under blazers. Smooth knit, lighter sweaters are more polished and office appropriated than oversized, chunky sweaters.

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5 Cowl neck sweater + blazer + pants

Another sweater and wool blend pants option.

See more work appropriate sweater outfits.

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6 Velvet blazer + sweater + navy pants

Add a velvet blazer to your work wear. It’s great for office holiday parties and velvet is a cozy material to wear. Jewel tones are also perfect for winter.

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7 Blazer + cowl neck sweater + velvet pants

Velvet pants also make cozy pieces to have in your winter work wear.

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8 Cardigan + blouse + trousers

A long polished cardigan also makes a great office outfit when paired with dress pants and a blouse.

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9 Camel blazer + black blouse + colored pants- + ankle boots.

The top half of this outfit is pretty neutral and can be paired with any color pants- burgundy, red, or teal work really well. And you can most certainly wear your ankle boots to the office. Ankle boots work well with trouser leg pants.

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10 Blazer + sweater + plaid pants + ankle boots

Another option with ankle boots.

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11 Sweater + pencil skirt + tall boots

Don’t ignore your skirts in the winter. Pair them with sweaters and tall boots for a polished work outfit. Add tights if you need extra warmth.

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12 Floral skirt + wool blazer+ tall boots

Don’t ignore florals in the winter either. Pair those floral skirts with tall boots for a fun winter outfits for work.

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What’s your go to formula for winter outfits for work?

Just a note- this is the last 9 to 5 style for the year and I’m ending the series here.

Jenny has not participated in several months, and while I will certainly still be sharing 9 to 5 work style, I think it’s time to work on a new format and have some flexibility for other ideas and series. I hope you have enjoyed this series through the years. If any of my other blogger friends want to collaborate on a new series or post, feel free to reach out.

Yes, this post is also a day late. Tis the season. It was a super busy weekend and an exhausting Monday so the post just didn’t make it out yesterday. I’m likely to be late for Christmas this week, lol.