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9 to 5 Style- Sweaters for the office

Welcome to 9 to 5 Style! The third  Monday of every month Jennie of A Pocketful of Polka Dots and I will showcase a theme featuring our individual takes on a professional look. Our aim is to inspire and show professional style does not have to mean boring and without personality. We hope you enjoy our 9 to 5 Style!


This month I chose the theme of sweaters. I’ve actually been able to wear sweaters since the very end of October this year, and I’m ecstatic about it! The last couple of years we had really warm (hot) fall and winters and I didn’t get to wear sweaters much. I’m so thankful that this year we’ve had some sweater weather!

So what’s the best sweater to wear to the office? For me it’s the cowl neck sweater.

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A cowl neck sweater gives a polished look that is totally office appropriate. A cowl neck is like having a collar, which is most often seen in the office.

Other sweaters that work for the office are more fitted sweaters. Save the slouchy, oversized sweaters for the weekends. A more fitted sweater will work under blazers.

With lightweight fitted sweaters, you can wear scarves and not roast to death in the office. Anybody else have to dress more for the inside temp than the outside? It’s definitely a struggle for me.

Back to the cowl neck sweater. This one is an oldie but goodie. It’s my favorite. It’s from Dressbarn and I think I’ve had it about 15 years now. If you’ve followed me for very long, you have seen this one over and over. #sorrynotsorry When something works, there’s no need to fix it, or replace it.

I branched out a little last year and styled it for weekend wear as well as the office. I’ve paired it this time with grey slacks, a black blazer and plaid flats that have a touch of burgundy. This color also pairs well with brown and camel. If you don’t have a burgundy cowl neck sweater, you need one.

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Cowl neck sweater- old option option option plus size option option

pants- Loft  option option

blazer- Gap  option option option

flats- Bella Vita (old) option  option  option


earrings- option

I did recently purchase another cowl neck sweater from Loft, but by the time it came it the temps warmed up a bit (high 60s and 70) so I didn’t get a chance to wear it or style it for you yet but it’s coming soon.

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Have a great week.  Don’t forget to see what Jennie styled today!