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15 Grey Blazer Outfits That Are A Piece of Cake to Put Together

Certain pieces make a work wear wardrobe go the extra mile. Those pieces can be worn again and again in countless outfits. One of those pieces is a grey blazer. It’s a great alternative to a black blazer when black feels too harsh or serious, but can still be styled in polished ways.

For women over 40, grey is a softer choice and easier to wear than black, yet it’s just as formal and conservative.

No need to fret about how to wear a grey blazer. Here are 15 grey blazer outfits for women that are a piece of cake to put together.

Grey or gray? It’s the same. Gray is supposed to be the American spelling and grey more British, but I’ve always preferred grey.

Grey is a neutral, cool color between black and white. There are different shades and tints and this might affect how you pair it with other colors. Pair warm greys with warm colors and cool greys with cool colors.

Grey is a great color to wear in any piece of clothing, but a grey blazer, especially one in charcoal can give your outfits that power edge you need for the office or meetings.

Grey Blazer Outfits with Black Pants

You can create a great look with black pants and a white top, but you can also spice it up and pair a bright floral blouse with the two. Grey works great with bright colors.

grey blazer outfit Pin

Keep the top in the same color family and add pops of color in your shoes and accessories. Cobalt pumps and earrings bookend this neutral grey, black and white look.

grey blazer outfit with cobalt pumpsPin

Grey Blazer Outfits with Grey Pants

Pair a grey blazer with grey pants in a darker shade. Create a monochromatic look by wearing a lighter grey sweater. Black and white flats finish the look.

monochromatic grey blazer outfitPin

Throw a cools sage green top in the mix of greys. Grey snakeskin flats or pumps will always be a sure win with grey blazer outfits.

grey and greenPin

Pair a medium tone grey blazer with pastel pink.

grey and pink work wearPin

Add some texture to your grey and pink outfit by making the top a lace top. Long faux pearls are a great compliment to a grey blazer as well.

grey and pink office outfitPin

If pastel pink isn’t your thing, punch up a grey blazer outfit with a bright pink top.

grey blazerPin

Your grey pants don’t have to be solid. Pair a grey blazer with grey glen plaid pants. Add some color and energy with a red sweater or top.

grey blazer with red sweaterPin

Grey Blazer Outfit with Navy Pants

A cool shade of grey with blue undertones will pair nicely with navy pants. This outfit of grey and navy is far from boring with the light blue floral top.

grey blazer and navy pants with floral topPin

Another option with the blush pink top and long faux pearls. This combo works with navy pants too.

navy pants grey blazer outfitsPin

A slate blue that borders on grey will also work with a grey blazer.

slate blue pantsPin

Grey Blazer Outfits with Teal Pants

Grey pairs beautifully with teal and with mustard. Here a white blouse grounds the look.

teal pants outfitPin

Keep the top half neutral with a snow leopard print to and teal pants. A grey snakeskin blouse would be a great option here too.

teal pants grey blazer outfitsPin

Grey Blazer Outfits with Red or Rust Pants

Grey pairs nicely with bright and warm colors like red and rust.

women's grey blazer outfit with red pantsPin
womens work wear with rust pants and grey blazerPin

While all of these looks are with pants, grey blazer outfits can be created with skirts in the same color or pull the color from the bottom to a blouse. Creating grey blazer outfits is really a piece of cake.

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