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Simple Fitness Gear and Equipment for Effective At Home Workouts

Hello and happy Friday! My apologies for the crickets around here this week. Work has suddenly picked up and I have had little time for anything but work, eating and sleeping. I put in a 13 hour day Tuesday, a 11.5 hour day Wednesday and 9 hours yesterday. I will be glad when it balances back out. I prefer to see consistency in a blog and I don’t like to leave my readers hanging, wondering when I’m going to post again.

The one thing I managed to keep up with this week was my workouts. I got up thirty minutes early each day (because these long days started earlier than normal) and got in my workout. I’m pretty proud of that and it makes it feel less like all is lost to have gotten in at least one personal activity on top of all that work.

On that note, let’s talk about some of my favorite fitness related gear and equipment.

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My favorite place to workout is at home. It’s a three second walk to our garage gym set up. We have a machine in the garage but I only use the bench that goes with it. Working out alone has always been my favorite way to workout even when I was running all the time. I’ve tried running with a partner, but it was distracting and time consuming for me.

It’s my “me time” and a great way to be alone with my thoughts. It’s also easier for me to focus on the exercise I’m performing if there is no chatter to distract me. I’d probably never fit in a workout if I had to find time to drive to and from the gym.

Even if you like and prefer the gym, you should have some simple at home workout gear for those days when you don’t have time for a trip to the gym so you can still get in some exercise.

A mat for working out

Having a workout bench is helpful but not at all necessary. You can get one without buying a whole machine. I use the bench that came with our weight machine to mix things up, but by far my most used and favorite piece of fitness equipment is my roll up workout mat. I picked up mine a few years ago from TJMaxx for about $10. These mats are lightweight and portable so you can take them with you on vacation to get in quick workouts while traveling.

TJMaxx is also a favorite place to buy my workout clothing. They carry one of my favorite brands for leggings- 90 Degree by Reflex. You can also find this brand on Amazon.

If you only have one piece of at home workout gear and equipment, let it be a mat. A mat will provide some cushion and support for your body for floor exercises and there are numerous body weight exercises you can do to get in shape with no other equipment needed. A mat is one of the best pieces of at home exercise equipment for beginners because you can start to get active with little investment.

A water bottle for hydration

It’s important to hydrate properly before, during and after your workouts. We are currently doing a six week challenge in the Faster Way to Fat Loss VIP program and part of it includes meeting certain water intake goals. My goal is 106 ounces per day. I have an assortment of water bottles, but the bottles that have markings for measurement are my favorite right now since I’m tracking and measuring water intake.

I’m also loving these ice trays! I do not like room temperature water and I want it chilled. It can be difficult to get the water bottle under the ice dispenser and even harder to get ice into narrow neck bottles, so I asked for these trays for Christmas and the hubby obliged. Now I can get ice into all of my bottles.

Fabric resistance band and tube resistance bands

A fabric resistance band is a simple piece of equipment for at home workouts and does not require much room to store. It adds a different level of difficulty to lower body exercises. Resistance bands are also an expensive way for beginners to start working out and progress with workouts.

Tube strength bands/resistance bands are also handy to have around to mix up workouts. These are also inexpensive and effective if you aren’t ready to invest in a set of dumbbells.

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Xtend BCAA Powder

I started using this BCAA powder just before Christmas. Branch chain amino acids help aid in muscle recovery and I have used it on days when I want to up the weight I’m lifting. It really does help prevent soreness and promote healing after a hard workout. The downside is that while it promotes itself as sugar free, it contains sucralose, which is not the most healthy thing in the world. I have been searching for a BCAA powder that doesn’t have too many calories to break my fast in the mornings and that doesn’t have too much junk. This was the best one I have found so far, but I don’t use it every day.


My favorite workout wear

Even though I work out at home, I still like to look cute and dress appropriately for my workouts so that I’m motivated to give them my best efforts. Sloppy, baggy tshirts and shorts don’t cut it.

Sports bra This is a must for working out. Needs vary from woman to woman, because we are all different shapes and sizes but my favorite brands are Zella and Core 10 from Amazon.

My favorite less expensive sports bra is this sports bra from Hanes.


Leggings or fitted yoga shorts I prefer leggings or yoga shorts so that I’m not flashing my neighbors the way I would be in a regular pair of gym shorts when I’m bending over or lying on the floor of my garage. Most of my work out leggings are from Old Navy and I prefer some compression and side pockets. Side pockets are the best thing ever. I love to carry my phone in the pocket when I’m going for a walk after a workout or doing chores around the house while wearing leggings.

Those are my basic favorite fitness related gear and equipment items.

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