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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Event: The Sale I Hate to Love

The madness has started. Previews of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Event started on Tuesday. I’ve been spending some time going through and adding items to my wish list and noting things I recommend for you if you have the need for these items. I try to keep my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale picks practical.

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I refer to this sale as “the sale I hate to love” because I truly have a love/hate relationship with it and I get frustrated with myself that I participate year after year. I have made most of my “regret” purchases from this sale. In fact, I think I still have an item in my closet with tags on from a Nsale a few years ago. I’m so glad they opened up the entire sale for preview and are allowing you to save items to your wish list. Hopefully, that will lessen the madness of adding things to your cart just for “fear of missing out.” You (and I) have some time to budget and really consider your purchases and anniversary sale picks. I made fewer and wiser purchases last year thanks to the wish list feature.


Just in case you are new to all this hype, or new to blogs (if you follow blogs you’ve probably already seen more than you care to about this sale in the past two days or week. I had no idea what/who Nordstrom was or that they had such a sale until I started blogging- the nearest one is about 65 miles away from me), the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is a sale on BRAND NEW fall merchandise. It’ s not a clearance sale. It’s NEW stuff. Be mindful that if you miss something, it might still be around in the fall when restocks and returns are complete and actually have a bigger discount when it’s marked down for clearance. That’s one thing I hate about this sale- seeing something I bought 30-40% off and then seeing it 40- 50% off later.

Early access starts Monday July 12, and gradually opens up to full public access on July 28. The prices will go back up on August 9. It’s such a big deal that they now refer to it as an event, and not just a sale.

So how do you shop such a sale event? The key to shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Event is to have a Nordstom credit card. Even if you only use it for the sale, it gets you access a week ahead of the general public. Those who are die hard Nordstrom shoppers get even earlier access based on their spending status. You can apply here.

Check out my tips for shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary sale event. I wrote those four years ago and they still hold true. I finally followed my own advice last year and had the best experience to date. I bought bras, undies, shoes and beauty products that I frequently use. I added some new jeans and tops for work last year that I’m still wearing. NOTE: I have this top from a prior year and it’s a good one to add to your closet for work or weekend. Leopard is a neutral and a classic.

I also bought a couple of trendy things last year but I actually wore them. Bras and undies probably aren’t any fun, but you need to replace your bras at least once a year so now is a great time.

So what am I shopping for? And what do I recommend? Below are my picks and why I picked some of them.

Some items in the “lower budget” class are on par with JCrew Factory or Old Navy as far as quality in my opinion. This isn’t really where you should spend your money unless you just love it and know you will get a great cost per wear from it. This sale event is best for shopping those higher quality jeans, purses, shoes, jackets and beauty items that rarely go on sale.

Jackets and Blazers

I don’t need any jackets or blazers but the plaid shirt jacket is cute and this tweed blazer would be a classic for years to come.

If you have been considering a moto jacket, now is a great time to get one. I picked suede because it’s kinder to aging skin. I have a black moto, but would like the suede one too. Here are 15 ways to wear a moto. A moto is another piece that will remain classic and in style. A waterproof parka would be a good investment too.


Camisoles are always hot items in this sale. Camisoles and sleeveless shells work well under blazers and cardigans for work. I have multiple leopard print tops. Leopard will always be a classic print, especially in a piece like this top. If you don’t have one, this is a great pick.

There are lots of great graphic band tees but I think they are overpriced. Get those at Wal-mart. I will admit I’m a little taken with the long sleeve cropped graphic tee.


Two of my favorite brands are included in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sales Event- Wit and Wisdom and NYDJ. Both fit my curvy pear shaped body well. I’ll likely be trying to snag an extra pair of jeans. This is a good time to purchase designer denim also, if that’s your thing.

Undies and bras: The Wacoal no wire is my favorite bra and the strapless bra is the best ever. The Natori and Chantelle undies are good undies.

Shoes: Of course shoes will make my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks!

Here are my picks from the brands I own, wear and love!

Accessories- I love to pick up some new jewelry during the Nsale. I rarely regret these purchases. I love Gorjana and Kendra Scott and all of my pieces have held up well.

Beauty– I’m trying to minimize products so I won’t be buying a ton of beauty items but I do love the special mini sets that let me sample multiple colors and products. These are all brands I love:

What will you be shopping for? Do you love any of these Nordstrom Anniversary Sale event picks?