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What I Primed in March 2022

We are rolling right along into the second quarter of the year! Hope April has brought good things for you so far.

The UPS delivery person brought lots of good things to me in March, especially in my Amazon prime orders. Today I’m sharing what I “primed” last month.

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More stuff arrived yesterday in the form of my subscribe and save orders. I do love having certain things on autopilot. Last month I added this Kind granola to my subscribe and save order. My hubby will blow through a bag in less than a day if it’s available and I refuse to pay the high grocery store price. I will only buy it when it’s on sale.


I got tired of having him ask if we had “cereal” as he calls it. (He has a gluten allergy so we don’t eat most cereals and he likes to have granola for a snack or after dinner dessert.) I checked Amazon and found a good price for it, especially on the three pack on subscribe and save.

I purchased these banded sandals for the spring and summer. I have an old pair of two strap slide on sandals that I attempted to glue back together when the sole separated from the shoe, but they are beyond help now. These are an upgraded replacement with the on trend square toe and ruched bands.

They come in six colors. This was the most neutral color.


I ordered three striped tshirt dresses and this one was the winner. This was a close second– the back is so cute but I needed a larger size for my hips. I also tried this one and sized up but should have gotten a medium ( I think- there was something off about how the middle/ waist area fit). Otherwise, it’s a great dress and worth trying. It’s lined, which is a plus. I went with the first one because it fit and I was set on bold wide stripes.

striped dress

This purse in blue is my favorite purchase of the month.

 I have ordered and returned what feels like a million similar purses and guitar purse straps in the past year to find the right combo. Like Goldilocks, it has to be just right. The purse can’t be too big, but it needs to be big enough for my things. The hardware on the purse needs to match the hardware on any additional strap I’m considering (silver with silver or gold on gold) and the bag needs to close or secure in some way.  This one came with a pink and blue strap and I ordered this strap to change things up. The strap also works with a couple of other purses I have.

I ordered this strap and this one as replacements for a strap that broke. I kept the purse because I really liked it and it still had a short handle, but decided it was time for a longer strap again because I wasn’t using it with just the short strap. I need to be able to carry it on my shoulder for day to day.

I though these shoes were adorable, until they arrived. They were way too soft and didn’t have a bit of shape. They looked like someone with a foot three sizes too wide had tried them on and stretched out the sides. I don’t think that was the case, but they were so shapeless it appeared that way. I was so disappointed that I probably won’t bother with that brand at all in the future.

The hubby did some Amazon prime shopping last month. He hates to shop and literally needed to replace everything from undies up- jeans, socks, shoes. He needed it. He is still looking for shoes but everything else was easy for him with Amazon.

Hanes tagless boxer briefs– I checked a couple of other places before circling back to order these. He didn’t want crazy colors and for a pack of 10, this was a good price.

Hanes Men’s socks– My husband is very basic but these suit his needs.

Men’s Relaxed fit straight leg jeans– He ordered two pairs of these. He likes a relaxed fit and doesn’t want them too dark or too light.


The hubby also needed some things for around the house and didn’t feel like shopping in a store for those things either. Turtle Wax polishing compound and Roomba filters made their way into our cart, as well as Bissell filters for our vacuum cleaner.

That’s a wrap for my Prime Purchases for March. Be sure to check out my Amazon work wear finds.

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