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15 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket for Spring

A denim jacket is one of the most useful jackets you can own. Wear a denim jacket for spring and fall, and even summer when the AC is too cold inside. You can wear a denim jacket with most any outfit, dressy or casual. It gives an overall casual vibe, but it’s still useful in dressier outfits.

I used to think that I would not get much wear out of a denim jacket because I could not wear it to work, but I think I’ve proved myself wrong. The older I get, the colder indoor AC is to me in the summer, so I pretty much take my denim jacket everywhere, just in case.

Here are 15 ways to wear a denim jacket for spring.

15 ways to wear a denim jacket for SpringPin

1- Denim jacket + navy print top + olive jeans + leopard sneakers

Navy and olive are a great pair and a denim jacket goes perfectly with this palette. Add leopard sneakers and a striped tote for some print mixing with your print top.

Denim jacket, navy print top, olive jeans and leopard sneakersPin

2- Denim jacket + pencil skirt + tee + scarf

Replace your usual blazer or cardigan with a denim jacket for a more casual look with a pencil skirt.

Denim jacket, pencil skirt, Tshirt and scarf Pin

3-Denim jacket + floral top + grey jeans + colorful flats

A denim jacket works well as a topper for an outfit with grey jeans too.

denim jacket with floral top and grey jeans with mustard flatsPin

4- Denim jacket + floral top + blush crop pants + sandals

Again, the denim jacket works with dressier pieces like these crop pants.

Denim jacket, floral top, blush crop pants and sandalsPin

5- Denim jacket + graphic tee + coral jeans + leopard flats

Nothing goes together better than a graphic tee and denim jacket. Add some bright bottoms like coral jeans.

Denim jacket, graphic tee, coral jeans and leopard flatsPin

6- With tshirt dress + sneakers

This is a super easy “throw on and go outfit”!

Tshirt Dress and sneakersPin

7- With floral top + grey jeans + blush mules

This is the same outfit as number 3, but with blush shoes and purse.

floral blouse and blush mulesPin

8 – With striped dress + sneakers

Add a bright purse for a pop of color.

denim jacket with stripe dress and sneakersPin

9- With graphic tee + blush pants + leopard flats

denim jacket for spring with crop pantsPin

10- With graphic tee + white jeans + colored flats

White jeans and any top always work with a denim jacket!

denim jacket and white jeans outfitPin

11- With graphic tee + blush midi skirt

A midi skirt is always fun topped with a denim jacket

denim jacket and midi skirt outfitPin

12- With pattern skirt + black tee

denim jacket for spring with skirt and teePin

13- With an aline dress

A denim jacket is the perfect topper for any sundress or sleeveless dress

denim jacket for spring outfit with dressPin

14- With dark floral top + white jeans + booties

denim jacket with black floral top and white jeansPin

15- With joggers + stripe tee + bright flats

denim jacket for spring with linen joggers and bright shoesPin

Convinced you need a denim jacket?

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