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The Most Loved of October 2023

We are already a week into November and I had hoped to publish this post last Friday. My schedule just didn’t allow so here we are now taking a look at what you loved in October 2023.

The new Google Analytics tracks a bit differently so it’s hard to capture the most viewed posts. I’m wondering if it’s missing something or if you guys aren’t here anymore. Some of the new stuff just doesn’t get high views when it’s first published and only when SEO takes off or Pinterest sends it traffic does it pick up in stats. When I say “You guys” I mean my core of dedicated readers. Are you still here? Is analytics missing your visits from the feed? If you are here, give me a shout out and leave comments on your favorite posts. That’s the only true way to know what regular features should stay or go.

Now that we have that out of the way, here are the most viewed posts of October.

Top 5 Favorite Posts

What I Primed in September 2023: Fall Fashion Trends from Amazon

My Amazon round ups are generally among the top viewed posts and last’s months was all about fall fashion.

Amazon fall fashionPin

The Best Outfits for the Rectangle Body Shape

This was published at the end of August and finally started showing some views. I’ve also published posts on the inverted triangle body shape and the hourglass shape.

rectangle body shape outfitsPin

Women’s Fashion Tips: How to Dress Appropriately in Your 40s

The fashion landscape can often feel like it is geared toward the young, but the truth is that versatility and timelessness of style excludes nobody. Not even for women in their 40s because looking chic and fabulous does not have an expiration date.

Dress Your Best in Your 40s Pin

Trending Colors for Fall Fashion 2023

What’s your favorite trendy fall color?

fall color trends 2023Pin

20 Amazon Gifts for Her That She’ll Love and Appreciate

gifts for her from AmazonPin

The Top 10 Best Sellers

You can’t go wrong with that comforter if you just need something simple. I’m happy to see my favorite pumps and under eye concealor in the top 10 as well.

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