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Top Ten Reader Favorites of April 2022

Happy Friday and Happy May! Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, grandmothers and ladies who love and mentor others, whether or not you have given birth to children.

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If you are a regular reader, you know I like to review the past month to share the top posts and products. It’s a fun look at what was a hit during the previous month and a chance for you to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

Before I start the count down, I wanted to share some amusing comments with you. My Instagram account saw epic growth in April. It pretty much doubled in following in one month.

One reel now has 1.4 million views and 14, 000 likes. Another one has 275,000 views. It’s pretty exciting and I’m grateful for the love. But…

There’s always a but, or should I say “butt”, right? Along with more followers and views comes more negative comments. I haven’t received any hateful or hurtful comments, but I have received some I found amusing. And some have been negative enough that I block the user. If you don’t like my content, you don’t need to see it.

Because the truth is, if you don’t like something, you don’t have to say it! Not online to a stranger. If someone asks for your opinion, it’ s okay to not like or politely express disagreement but if you aren’t asked, KEEP SCROLLING! Reader’s Digest shared some wonderful tips for social media etiquette.

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Here are some of my most amusing comments, along with those who repeatedly ask- “What about Saturday and Sunday?” on my Monday- Friday outfit reels that clearly state in the caption that it’s 5 days of work wear. Do they think they’re being funny?

On the reel with 1.4 million views:

“Frumpy” Out of 14,000 people, one thinks I’m frumpy.

“She looks like a typical real estate agent.” That really made me laugh because my job is far from selling real estate. (And I don’t publicly share my official title.)

“Same in different colors??? Wear dresses, skirts and more.”

Well, thank you for your unsolicited fashion advice, but skirts and dresses aren’t practical for my work. Even though I have to dress in professional attire, I bend, stoop and squat to install equipment at times in my office and skirts and dresses would not be appropriate. They usually don’t have belt loops for other duty gear either. I didn’t respond but this would be the response.

On other reels-

“Wrong shoes.” This one I did reply to and asked “What’s wrong with them?” I didn’t get feedback.

“Little bit stuffy.” Lol I get it, not everyone likes or is required to wear professional attire.

“You have to wear more dresses… but not shorter than knee length.” Thanks again for the unsolicited advice. If you want me to show or do try-ons with dresses, that’s one thing, but it sounds like this one is telling me what to wear in real life.

Oh what fun!

Now on to the top ten posts of April. These are the posts published in April that received the most views.

Top Ten Posts of April

Friday Favorites: Going, Shopping, Wearing Eating, Reading Friday Favorites are usually pretty popular in a given month. Once the month passes, they don’t get too many more views.

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The Best of March 2022 These round ups usually make the top ten.

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What I’m Loving Lately A fun round up of things I use and love.

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Fantastic Friday Finds Under $50- I started a new feature where I share finds from various retailers and sites around the web.

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Spring Shopping Haul Try On Part 2: Loft, Gap and Walmart

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Spring Shopping Haul Try On: Target and Old Navy

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Stunning Pink and Blue Outfits for Spring to Wear Now

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What I Primed in March

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Fantastic Friday Finds Vol 2

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What’s My Style: Classic Style How to find your unique personal style and how to implement the elements of classic style.

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The Most Loved Products of April


These were the best sellers ( or at least the products that were clicked most and resulted in a sale.)

BEAUTURAL Steamer for Clothes I love this steamer. No dripping!

DREAM PAIRS Women’ s Cute Slip On Studded Flat Slides Sandals

Short-Sleeve Vintage Striped Easy T-Shirt for Women

Loft High Rise Straight Crop Jeans in Light Authentic Indigo Wash

Gap Utility Jacket

Striped tee dress from Amazon

Vegan Leather Crossbody

Printed satchel with removable wristlet

Printed Peplum Top

Double tie front top

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