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Amazon Prime Purchases March 2021

I missed sharing Prime Purchases last month for February so I’m excited to be back at it this month. I haven’t bought as much lately as I normally do, although we have a ton of personal/beauty items and snacks set up on subscribe and save.

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1 Faraday Bag for Keyfob– We recently purchased a new vehicle and I now have keyless access and push button start, which means I have a key fob that transmits signals. To prevent thieves from scanning and cloning the signal, we bought a couple of these bags for the keys. I got the bright purple so I can easily find it in my purse. We tested it too by walking out to the car with the fob in the bag and I could not unlock the car.

2 Soft Faux Leather Tote- This bag is really soft and surprisingly good quality for $13.49! It comes in more colors than I can count.

3 Kalahari Biltong, Air-Dried Thinly Sliced Beef I’m not a huge fan of beef jerky, but I was eating an increased amount of protein in March and needed a way to get in my protein macros. I found this stuff at Publix but checked Amazon and found it for less. I’m a little addicted to it. It truly is thin sliced and not dry or tough like most jerky.

4 Christian Art Gifts Purple Faux Leather Journal I love writing in these journals. Thick, white, crisp pages!

5 Metal bookends– I had some books I was trying to keep up with jars/ canisters in my home office and every time I got something out of the jars, the books fell. I finally decided I needed bookends. These are serving their purpose.

6 Bic Gelocity pens- I’m trying out some pens for my journals. These get the job done, but I will probably try a different kind when I use them up. Do you have a favorite gel pen?

7 mDesign Plastic Kitchen Pantry, Cabinet, Countertop Organizer Storage Station with 3 Drawers for Coffee, Tea, Sugar Packets I talked about my kitchen/pantry reorganization from February and shared some of those purchases back then, but I’m resharing these because they are my favorite! I love having our tea bags organized in these.

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