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The Best Everyday Fashion Tips For Women Over 40

This time of year can be an awkward time for fashion and style. You are tired of summer clothes and there is no point in shopping for any more of them because you are desperately hoping fall arrives soon. Now is a good time to sit back and think about what outfits have worked and which ones didn’t. It’s a good time to hone in your style skills by evaluating some of the best everyday fashion tips for women over 40.

And these are applicable for those ladies under or over 40.

I’ve been doing some evaluating of my own. I’ve been doing some behind the scenes work on the blog. Did you know I’ve been blogging since around 2013? I moved from blogger to wordpress in 2018 and made the mistake of bringing all those old posts with me. In hindsight, I should have started a new blog, but I didn’t so now I’m deleting old content that isn’t useful anymore. I’ve left a few older posts, but mostly culled the blog back to 2017 and forward. (And I’m still going. More will be deleted or revised.)

I said all that to explain how I came about this post. My top ten monthly round ups are reader favorites, so I thought I’d see what the top all time posts in the history of Savvy Southern Chic are. So without further delay, I present you with the top 12 all time posts. They are not the top 12 in terms of numbers because I skipped a couple to make this post more seasonally appropriate but I promise they are good ones and we can glean some great everyday tips and advice from them so keep reading.

Everyday Fashion Tips for Women Over 40

There really are no rules for getting dressed after the age of 40. You are likely at a point in your life where you are more comfortable with your fashion choices and you should now be dressing for you, not for others. Don’t limit yourself because of age but rather experiment a little with style. These tips are practical but yet add a little fun to your wardrobe.

Transform your style by adding a hat to your wardrobe.

My all time top performing post is how to look good in a hat. It features mostly summer hats, but many of the hat styles are applicable to fall and winter. Instead of a straw fedora or panama, grab a felt or wool hat for fall. Even if hats are out of your comfort zone, give one a try. Wear it to a fall festival and level up your look. With the tips in this post, you are sure to find one that works for you.

fall hat and mustard cardigan outfitPin

Hair is just hair, and it grows.

I became more comfortable cutting my hair and experimenting with it in my mid thirties and certainly in my forties. If you cut your hair short for summer and want to grow it back out a bit for winter, you need these 5 ways to tame your hair while it grows out. And remember, a hat can hide any bad hair day, so see #1.

Ways to style your hair while it grows outPin

Every stylish woman should have a striped tee.

No, a striped tee won’t make you look fat or wide. At least not the right striped tee. If that’s a concern, look for one with the most flattering neckline for you with narrow well spaced stripes. My third most popular tee is 17 ways to style a striped tee for fall.

17 ways to style a striped teePin

You can still wearing leggings after 40.

Leggings have become an essential part of everyday style for many. I showcased nine ways to wear leggings. Hint, some of these leggings outfits are dressy casual and a step above your everyday outfit. You may also want to check out One Dozen Tops That Are Perfect to Wear With Leggings.

fall faux leather leggings outfit; everyday fashion tips for women over 40Pin

Gingham, leopard and graphic tees are all fashion essentials.

I really don’t know what spawned the popularity of this post, but it genuinely ranks at #5 for an all time favorite. The fall outfits in this post feature those essentials.

Every stylish woman should know how to play up her assets and hide her least flattering features.

If you are a pear shape or if wide hips are something you wish to de-emphasize, you will want to practice these five tips every day.

A midi skirt is a great closet essential for summer and fall.

Here are six chic but casual ways to wear a mid skirt this summer. Transition a midi skirt to fall with boots, hats and jackets.

6 ways to style a midi skirtPin

Another great closet staple is a tshirt dress.

This post features four ways to style a tee shirt dress for summer, but it also transitions easily to fall. Swap the summer shoes for booties and add a denim or utility jacket or a cardigan.

You don’t need a ton of outfits for a beach getaway.

Planning one more trip to the beach before fall really kicks in? We will still have lots of beach weather here until October. Check out what to pack for a three day beach resort getaway.

Navy pants should be a staple in your work wear attire.

Navy pants are just as versatile as black and navy goes with everything in your closet. Check out two colorful ways to wear navy pants.

everyday fashion tips for women over 40-how to wear navy pantsPin

Burgundy will always be a great color for fall regardless of what’s trending.

Check out 5 fun facts about the color burgundy and see how I styled it.

Christmas outfits don’t have to be all red and black, or all red and green for that matter.

Here I shared 19 Christmas outfits that aren’t red and black. Hint, burgundy works for Christmas too.

Now you have my best everyday fashion tips for women over 40. Which fashion tip do you find most useful? Let me know in the comments.


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